Solutions and services

<p><strong>Advantica® working with you</strong></p> <p>The Advantica® brand provides a range of pre-finished steel products specially formulated for manufactured goods and widely used for diverse applications.</p> <p>The Advantica® product range is available in a wide range of colours, with solid or metallic effects as well as bespoke finishes tailored to individual needs. With continuous investment in research and development Tata Steel constantly update the product portfolio to ensure that they can meet the requirements of the manufactured goods sector.</p> <p><strong>Tailored solutions and services</strong></p> <p>For any customised requirements, Tata Steel can meet your needs with shorter lead times, flexible quantities and further processing.</p> <p>Our technical support team is on hand to help you to define:</p> <p>•  The best solution in view of the application and the manufacturing process.<br/>•  The precautions to be taken regarding the end use of this product.</p> <p>For further information or assistance, please contact us.</p>