Typical properties

Advantica® GM typical properties table

Properties     Test Standard
Nominal organic
coating thickness
μm 25* EN 13523-1
Specular gloss (60°) GU 20-60 EN 13523-2
Adhesion on bending T 1 EN 13523-7
(minimum bend radius)
T 3 EN 13523-7
Pencil hardness   HB-F EN 13523-4
Scratch resistance g >1800 EN 13523-12
Abrasion resistance
(Taber, 250 rev.
1kg, CS10 wheels)
mg <30 EN 13523-16
Corrosion resistance: 
Neutral salt spray
hours 360 EN 13523-8
Corrosion resistance: 
hours 1000 EN 13523-26
Corrosion resistance
  RC3** EN 10169
UV resistance category   Ruv3 EN 10169
CPI category   CPI3** EN 10169


The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a
specification. If forming pre-finished steel below 16°C please consult Tata Steel for further
information. If the product is ordered as anti-static, surface resistance will be between 106–109
Ω/cm2 according to ASTM D257.

*For high white shades higher coating thicknesses are required.

**Corrosion and humidity performance subject to specification such as minimal metallic
coating weight.