Manufactured goods services

Products for manufactured goods and domestic appliances
Our tightly controlled processing services ensure that we meet our customer’s requirements for shape, flatness, dimensional tolerances, aesthetics and packing.

We are a major supplier of pre-finished steel and laminated steel products designed specifically to meet the extremely demanding conditions required for applications including:

  • Domestic appliance manufacturing.
  • Office furniture and storage units.
  • Lighting solutions and lighting management.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Cold store and food safe applications.
  • Clean rooms.
  • Doors and windows.

We offer our processing services for the following product ranges from Tata Steel:

A range of pre-finished steels specifically designed to meet the demands of manufactured goods processing route such as pressing, bending, punching and drawing steel.

Pre-finished steel to meet the needs of market leading producers for the manufacture of hot, cold and wet domestic appliances.

We understand your requirements for quality, service and a supply management process which allows you to minimise waste and efficiently manage the performance of your supply chain. Our technical teams are able to support your business by assessing the specific properties required for your end application, we will then recommend the best product to meet the needs of your business.