Rainwater goods

Rainwater management products for building applications
Colorcoat Aquatite® products have been developed specifically for rainwater applications in buildings, offering an unbeatable combination of a strong, formable metal substrate combined with a non-permeable weather resistant membrane factory-bonded to the water-carrying surface. This highly effective construction gives a superior quality finish for maximum drainage efficiency. Plus, it comes with the reassurance of a leading guarantee for 25 years and technical back-up.

Colorcoat Aquatite® is suitable for a wide range of rainwater applications including valley gutters, flashings, roofing and parapet copings.


  • Comprehensive 25 year guarantee.
  • Available in a smooth and slip resistant emboss.
  • Slip resistant emboss passes BS 7976-2 slip test both wet and dry.
  • Robust, highly durable 1.2mm PVC membrane bonded to 1.2mm or 1.5mm steel.
  • Available in 3 different widths.
  • Simple and easy to fabricate. Can be trafficked normally during construction and maintenance.
  • Available on 24 hr lead time in a range of standard sizes suitable for valley gutter applications.
  • PVC membrane can easily be hot air welded or chemically bonded.
  • Compatible with all other PVC membranes; can be joined to any plastisol product.
  • Supplied on a high performance hot dip galvanized substrate to BS EN 10147.
  • Available in both the integral overhang membrane or without for butt strap welding methods.
  • Approved for use with the Platinum® Plus system guarantee.
  • Standard colour: Grey.