FibreFlor® development

<p>In the development of FibreFlor®, it was identified that many properties were required to provide both an optimum technical solution for the necessary fire rating, but also practically in providing a concrete solution that is easily handled, pumped and finished. The world leading brand of Fibermesh microsynthetic fibres are proven to inhibit both plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking. Additional benefits include increased impact and abrasion resistance together with reduced permeability of the concrete. Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibres are also internationally proven to provide resistance to explosive spalling, in the event of fire. Novocon high performance steel fibres are proven to provide long term crack control. This allows the load carrying capability to replace traditional mesh reinforcement.</p> <p>Testing approved by the Steel Construction Institute confirmed that FibreFlor® also provided longitudinal shear resistance in excess of that provided by A393 steel wire fabric. ComFlor® with FibreFlor® has been extensively tested in accordance with BS EN 1365-2:2000 standards at NAMAS certified fire test facilities, under the guidance of the Steel Construction Institute (SCI). Results, analysed and approved by the SCI, show that ComFlor® with FibreFlor® composite metal deck systems provide equivalent or superior performance to traditional wire mesh solutions with fire ratings of up to two hours.</p> <p><strong>Fire design</strong><br/>The capacity of the composite slab in fire may be calculated using two methods, either ‘Mesh and Deck Fire Method’ (mesh only and no trough bar reinforcement) or ‘Bar Fire Method’ (trough bottom bar reinforcement only with no contribution from the mesh and profile).</p>