Structural profile specification
RoofDek Tata Steel construction decking

RoofDek D153 is part of our deep deck profile range which has exceptional strength and span capability, providing a rugged structural platform for all roofing types. They are ideal for large span buildings where they reduce the need for purlins.

Profile Material Gauge and finish (mm) Weight (kg/m2) Load/Span maximum single span (mm) Load/Span maximum double span (mm) Minimum self curve (m) Minimum Factory curve (mm) Cantillever (mm)
D153 Steel 0.75 Interior Liner 10.50 5162 4898 165 - 1291
Steel 0.88 Interior Liner 12.33 5946 5865 175 - 1487
Steel 1.25 Interior Liner 17.54 6737 8150 195 - 1684

1. When RoofDek is supplied with Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre finished steel, the above load span tables do not apply. Please contact our technical team for the load span tables in this instance.
2. Calculations accord to Eurocode, however a fixings check is also required.
3. Load table is based on the deck bearing onto 100mm min flange steel beam.
4. For maximum Load/Span in double span conditions, contract the technical department.
5. The Interior Liner colour on D135, D153 and D200 is RAL9002.