Q: Do you supply accessories?
A: Yes, we supply accessories for L8 trench sheets - waling bars/tie bars 1.8 or 2.4m/anchor piles and waling bolts. We can also supply tie bar extensions and tie bar connectors

Q: Is there a calculation to work out the number of accessories required?
A: We advise the British Waterways working practices

Q: How do you work out the number of sheets required from the wall length in linear metres (LM)?
A: The number of sheets required is determined by dividing the LM by the effective width of the sheet (Lap = 0.33m L8 = 0.432m)

Q: Can the sheets be coated?
A: All our sheets can be supplied as ungalvanised or galvanised.

Q: In what cases can standard lap sheets be used?
A: Standard lap sheets are used for lightweight piling. Lap sheets are generally used for those working in trenches. Other usages - basements, sewerage.

Q: In what cases can L8 sheets be used?
A: L8 sheets are generally used in canals, riverbanks and marinas.