Trench sheets can be used to support earth banks for the safety of construction workers, and are ideal for permanent reinforcement of waterway banks and service trenches.

The strength, speed and flexibility of light sheet piles makes it ideal for all forms of temporary and permanent works, the durability and ease of extraction means that light sheet piling can be re-used in sustainable construction. In many cases, however, the use of a steel trench sheet structure can actually eliminate the need for temporary works with the trench sheet performing the permanent function concerned e.g. canals, basement walls.

Tata Steel has over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of cold formed steel. We offer customers a quality product, value-engineered to suit a range of applications at an affordable price. Our product range has been developed as a robust solution for temporary and permanent use. We offer comprehensive sales and technical support throughout all aspects of trench sheeting from design, manufacture and supply.