Product range

Tata Steel operate a number of roll-forming machines that transform flat material, via a series of rollers, into a given section. With an extensive range of in-house roll sets, Tata Steel can offer a full scope of widths, steel gauge, and lengths tailored to individual needs.

  Width (mm) Depth (mm) Thickness (mm) Modulus (cm3/m) Moment of Inertia (cm4/m) Weight (kg/m2)
Standard Lap 330 35 3.4 48.3 81.7 32.9
Standard Lap 330 36.6 5 71.2 119.7 47.7
L8 432 35 3.4 51.5 84.9 33.6

Trench sheet thickness
Various gauges are available in each profile to allow for individual ground conditions and corrosion possibilities.

Corner Design
Corners can be manufactured to specific designs on selected profiles to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Sheet length
Sheets can be produced in lengths from 1-12m to suit your requirement. A high strength to weight ratio means that longer lengths can be expertly driven into place with minimal risk of damage whilst using conventional equipment. Our product range has been designed to encourage simple extraction, allowing effortless removal of the complete element through a hole positioned at the top of each sheet.

The life span of trench sheeting can fluctuate in accordance with its working environment. Several elements need to be considered including the degree of corrosion and whether additional weather protection is required. Working conditions can vary even within a single installation. Tata Steel recommend that customer’s installing trench sheeting within corrosive environments enhance the product performance to suit each application. We offer a hot dip galvanised finish to BS EN ISO 1461 on all trench sheeting.