System information

Trisomet system information

Thickness, t (mm) 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 135
Maximum length (mm)* 20000
Minimum length (mm) 300
Cutback (mm)**
Minimum 25
Maximum 250***

* The panel length is measured by the length of the external sheet, as shown above. Lengths over 14,000mm will be subject to additional delivery charges.

** Panels will always have one flush end and one cutback end; therefore they will be handed and should be ordered according to the direction of lay required.

*** Recommended end laps are 50mm for horizontal, 100mm for vertical and 150mm for roof applications.

Weight (based on thickness mm) (kg/m2)
40 9.23
60 10.01
80 10.4
100 11.22
120 12.03
135 12.76


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