• Revolutionary 3 layer coating technology, with an optimised thicker clearcoat to achieve a true textured effect.

  • The most matt option as part of the Colorcoat Prisma® range with gloss less than 5%.

  • Meets the highest European standards for corrosion and UV resistance (Ruv4 and RC5 as per EN 10169).

  • Robust and durable topcoat for easier handling and processing.

  • Confidex® Guaranteed for up to 40 years for the weatherside of the product when used for industrial and commercial buildings. Additionally the Confidex® Guarantee has no inspection or maintenance requirement to maintain its validity except when Colorcoat Prisma® is used on a roof or wall that has a Photovoltaic (PV) installation.

  • Optimised Galvalloy® metallic coating for ultimate corrosion resistance and cut edge protection.

  • Independently tested for liberation of volatile organic compounds (VOC) against EN ISO 16000-9 and achieved an A+ rating.

  • Fully REACH compliant & free of chromates including hexavalent chrome.

  • Made in the UK. Certified to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Standard.

Colorcoat Prisma - Textured