Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of Durbar® comply with EN 10025-2: 2004 and are shown in the table below. The values shown for strength and elongation are for test pieces taken transverse to the rolling direction; those for the impact test are for test pieces taken in the rolling direction.

  Grade S235JR+AR
Min. yield strength1  ReL (N/mm2)   235
Tensile strength R(N/mm2)   360 - 510
Elongation % 3 ≤ t ≤ 12.5 24
Impact strength Temp. °C 20
  Min. energy J 27
1. Lower yield strength or 0.2% proof stress applies.
t - material thickness in mm.

Impact tests can be performed for thicknesses ≥ 6.0mm. Please contact us for details.
Elongation after fracture A uses test piece length L0 = 5.65√S0.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of Durbar complies with EN 10025-2:2004 and is shown in the table below.

  Grade S235JR+AR
C Max. 0.17
Mn Max. 1.40
P Max. 0.035
S Max. 0.035
Si Max. -
N Max. 0.012
All values in weight%.