Mechanical properties

The available grades have the following mechanical properties - these are measured perpendicular to the rolling direction (transverse test pieces):

RADECOL grades

Tata Steel Grade Radecol 0
Yield strength Rp0,21 N/mm2 200 - 290
Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 310 - 390
Elongation % 30
1. If the yield strength is pronounced (yield flag), the values apply to the lower yield point (ReL).

Chemical composition

Cold-rolled high-strength steels supplied by Tata Steel comply to the following cast analysis with maximum values unless otherwise shown:

  Grade Radecol 0
C Max. 0.085
Mn Max. 0.55
Si Max. 0
P Max. 0.03
S Max. 0.03
Alsol Min. 0.015






All values are in weight%.