Mechanical properties

Metallic coated steel for forming has the following mechanical properties. These are measured transverse to the rolling direction.
Property range is indicated according to EN 10346, but properties meet equivalent VDA 239-100 specifications also.

  Grade DX51-GI/GA/ZM
Yield strength Re N/mm² -
Tensile strength Rm N/mm² 270 - 500
Elongation % 22
Min. r-value   -
Min. n-value   -
If the yield point is not pronounced, the values apply to the 0.2% - proof strength Rp0.2 ; if the yield strength is pronounced, the values apply to the lower yield point ReL.
Decreased minimum elongation values apply for product thickness t ≤ 0.50mm (minus 4 units) and for 0.50mm ≤ t ≤ 0.70mm (minus 2 units).
Elongation after fracture A uses test piece length L0 = 80 mm.

Chemical composition

Tata Steel complies with the following cast analysis:

  Grade DX51
C Max. 0.18
Mn Max. 1.20
P Max. 0.12
S Max. 0.045
Al Min. -
N Max. -
Ti Max. 0.30
All values in weight%.