Mechanical properties

Metallic coated high-strength steel grades have the following mechanical properties (skin-passed) - these are measured transverse to the rolling direction. Property range is indicated according to EN 10346, but properties meet equivalent VDA 239-100 specifications also.

Interstitial-free steels
  Grade CR IF260
Coating type   GI/GA/ZM
Yield strength ReL N/mm2 260 - 320
Min. BH2 N/mm2 -
Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 380 - 440
Elongation % 30
Min. r-value r90   1.4
Min. n-value n90   0.16
Lower yield strength or 0.2% proof stress applies.
BH2 refers to the increase of 0.2% proof stress after heating (bake hardening). Not applicable for hot rolled substrate.
Elongation after fracture A uses test piece length L0 = 80 mm.
For galvannealed grades (GA) the minimum elongation before fracture is lowered by 2%.
For galvannealed grades (ZF) the minimum r90-value is lowered by 0.2.

Chemical composition

Tata Steel supplies the following cast analysis with maximum values unless otherwise shown:

Interstitial-free steels
  Grade CR IF260-GI/GA/ZM
C Max. 0.01
Mn Max. 1.3
P Max. 0.1
S Max. 0.025
Si Max. 0.25
Altot Max. 0.1
Ti Max. 0.12
Nb Max. 0.09
All values in weight%.