The good formability of our advanced and ultra high-stength steels allows the user to increase the strength of the finished automotive components by exploiting the high work-hardening characteristics. Substitution of high strength steel grades provides opportunities to reduce thickness while maintaining the in-service performance, resulting in potential cost and mass savings.

Dual phase grades

Cold-rolled dual phase steels allow you to increase the strength of the finished component or reduce the thickness of the steel - or both. By increasing product performance and helping reduce weight, these steels support you to achieve your optimum performance parameters. The use of dual phase grades increases the output from each tonne of steel and produces products that are strong, light and safe under load. High strain-hardening capacity ensures our dual phase steels have good formability.

Hot forming steel - CR HQ1500-UC

Our CR HQ1500-UC product is an uncoated, ultra high-strength hot forming steel. It combines a strength level of 1500 N/mm2 with excellent shape accuracy. Compared with conventional high-strength, low-alloy grades, CR HQ1500-UC offers real opportunities for weight reduction through down-gauging. It also ensures good repeatability in long production runs when compared with cold press forming.



Body in white, structural and reinforcement components and lightweight structural seat components

Relationship with standards

Tata Steel can supply the following cold-rolled advanced and ultra high-strength steel grades: 

Tata Steel VDA EN 10338: 2015 EN 10083: 2009
DP600 CR330Y590T-DP HCT590X -
DP800 CR440Y780T-DP HCT780X -
DP1000 CR590Y980T-DP HCT980X -
HQ1500 - - 20MnB5 1
1. This grade is also widely known as 22MnB5.