EN-Corporate-News-2021-Tata Steel Netherlands accelerates plans to significantly reduce dust and odour emissions from IJmuiden steelworks

Tata Steel in the Netherlands today announced a speeding up of a €300 million package of planned measures with the objective of significantly reducing dust and odour emissions from its IJmuiden site in the next two years.

Tata Steel aims to accelerate its ‘Roadmap Plus’ plans to complete a number of projects in 2023, with a new facility – designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions – planned to be operational in 2025.

It is expected the new measures will lead to substantial and noticeable reductions in the nuisance experienced by local residents.

EN-Corporate-News-2021-Tata Steel reports highest ever consolidated quarterly EBITDA

  • The Pellet plant and Cold Roll Mill complex at Kalinganagar is under construction. The 5mtpa expansion project has been restarted
  • India[1] operations –
    • Achieved highest ever quarterly crude steel production of 4.75 mn tons; registered a 3%QoQ growth in 4QFY21. FY21 production stood at 16.92 mn tons.
    • Steel deliveries grew 16%YoY to 4.67 mn tons in 4QFY21.

EN-Corporate-News-2021-New life-saving defibrillators installed at the heart of Tata Steel’s Shotton site

Twenty of the new life-saving devices will replace older equipment on the North Wales site which produces a range of steel products for the construction industry.

With more than 750 employees and hundreds of contractors entering and leaving the site every day there is always a chance the defibrillators will need to be called into action. Since the first machines were installed, they have been used three times. On one occasion being credited with saving the life of a visiting lorry driver.  

EN-Corporate-News-2021-Next phase of project to decarbonise industry in South Wales receives funding

Phase Two of the project involves engineering studies to explore the routes to decarbonisation, including the use and production of a hydrogen supply, carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) and CO2 shipping from South Wales which would be the first CO2 shipping industry in the whole of the UK, and would create an entire new industry for the region.

EN-Corporate-News-2021-Changes to Tata Steel’s European Executive Committee

The company’s European CEO, Henrik Adam, and CFO, Sandip Biswas, will take over the duties and responsibilities of the departing directors. A smaller Executive Committee will continue to lead Tata Steel Europe.

Henrik Adam, CEO of Tata Steel Europe, said: “It has been a great pleasure to work with Ernst, Tor, and Karl. They have helped steer our company, providing critical leadership at moments of significant change and I want to thank each of them for their dedicated and professional service to the company and its employees.”

EN-Corporate-News-2021-Tata Steel lends a hand to renovate vital seabird nesting site at its North Wales steelworks

The Tata Steel Nature Reserve is home to one of the UK’s biggest common tern colonies and today 130 tonnes of shingle was moved from the shore on to the nesting islands by helicopter. The project, funded by Welsh Government, will safeguard the colony for years to come. Tata Steel apprentices have given their time to help clear the nesting islands and spread the newly dropped shingle, while the company has also donated steel which has been processed and used as a base for the stone.