EN-Corporate-News-2014-Tata Steel launches new automotive steel grade combining crash protection with 15 per cent weight reduction

The new product, DP1000HY-GI*, is a high-yield, ultra high-strength steel which combines strength and formability and allows manufacturers to make lighter components without altering their production facilities. The material is ideally suited for the crash-protection structure of a vehicle. Tata Steel is one of a very small number of steelmakers to be able to offer this innovative product, which can reduce a component’s weight by up to 15%.

EN-Corporate-News-2010-Corus to increase structural sections by £80 per tonne

The increase is driven by the continued increases in raw material costs and rising demand for structural sections in the UK and Europe. Corus raised structural sections prices by £50 from March 1 and by another £60 from May 2.

Mick Maloney, Corus commercial manager for sections, said: “Demand for structural sections has continued to improve in the UK and Europe – our key market places. This is set against a backdrop of stocks in the supply chain remaining at low levels and increasing raw material costs to steelmakers worldwide.”

EN-Corporate-News-2010-Corus confirms £80 rise on reversing mill plate

The increase is driven by the continued increases in raw material costs and increasing demand for steel plate, particularly in Northern Europe.  Corus raised reversing mill plate prices by £60 from February 7 and by another £60 from March 22.

Martin Maley, Commercial Director Long Products, said: “Demand for reversing mill plate has improved markedly in all regions, with Northern European markets showing strong and sustained demand. This comes at a time when inventory in supply chains across the globe has been depleted to levels at, or below, current demand.

EN-Corporate-News-2010-Tata Steel to raise strip product prices in Europe

The extent of the increases will vary depending on specification and geography, but will range from 10-15% for core business, raising basis prices for hot rolled coil to at least €450/t.

A Tata Steel Europe spokesman said: “We are announcing these increases in view of current market conditions and increased input costs. We are reviewing further increases for April and the rest of the second quarter of this year.”


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EN-Corporate-News-2010-Corus Long Products announces immediate price rise

The increase takes into account rising international demand and prices for the affected products, and will align Corus’ prices with those in the rest of Europe.

The price rise applies to all of Corus’ sections, plate, wire rod, bar, special profiles and merchant billet output and will start to take effect immediately for all orders that are not part of existing contractual agreements.


For further information, please contact:

Bob Jones   0207 717 4532

EN-Corporate-News-2009-Corus opens aerospace service centre in China

Aerospace Service Centre Suzhou Ltd (ASC Suzhou) is modelled on Corus’ successful aerospace supply operation in the UK, ASC Bolton, which is one of the company’s key routes to the European aerospace market.

ASC Suzhou will stock, break bulk and process specialist aerospace steels produced at its Stocksbridge plant in the UK. It will also supply other materials, particularly non-ferrous metals, from third parties as part of a comprehensive materials service package for customers in China.

EN-Corporate-News-2009-Corus and Salzgitter cooperate on new steel product with outstanding properties

Corus and Salzgitter have been working together since 2005 on identifying opportunities for the application of High Strength and Ductility (HSD®) steels in selected market sectors. Good progress has been made in the last four years, and programme results are promising.

Corus and Salzgitter also announce today their intention to continue and intensify their cooperation product development in the area of High Strength and Ductility (HSD®) steels based on high manganese content in the range of 15%.