They perform well across a range of sectors from personal care, to paint and foods.

Steel aerosols offer dispensing convenience at high quality with exceptionally fine vaporisation or foaming for immediate use with the freedom of portion control. Being hermetically sealed, aerosols deliver a truly hygienic packaging format that preserves the quality of its contents well.

Tailoring vapor-deposited ZnMg-Zn bilayer coating for steels by diffusion-driven phase transformation

This study reports a “high temperature fast annealing” approach to tailor the microstructure of ZnMgeZn bilayer coatings through a diffusion-driven phase transformation and to improve the adhesion strength and corrosion resistance, simultaneously. Selection of the appropriate annealing condition, 250 C for 3 min, promotes the formation of MgZn2 on the topmost surface of the coating and Mg2Zn11 at the interface of ZnMg/Zn.


Steel is the most reliable packaging material for paints and chemicals due to the specific material characteristics it contains.

It has unique barrier properties, making it impermeable to gas and light. The preservation capabilities of steel guarantee long shelf life. It has the versatility to contain both solvent and water based products. It is robustness enables it to withstand rigorous mixing process, transportation and handling.

Correlative analysis of interaction between recrystallization and precipitation during sub-critical annealing of cold-rolled low-carbon V and Ti–V bearing microalloyed steels

In this paper a new insight into fundamentals of static recrystallization, precipitation and their interaction during sub-critical annealing of three cold-rolled low-carbon microalloyed steel grades is presented. The grades under investigation are a base grade containing V as a microalloying element, a Ti þ grade containing Ti as microalloying element added into the base grade, and a Ti þ Mn þ grade containing additional Mn added into the Ti þ grade.

Case Study Simple Template Construction Hub - Performance Test

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The heat sterilisation process preserves food naturally in a safe, strong, and convenient pack without having to rely on additives and preservatives. The food can offers brands a reliable, safe and secure packaging format.

The steel can is the only packaging that captures nutrients in heat-processed food without the need for preservatives. 

Packaging steel offers a 100% barrier against water, light and air.

Packaging steel closures are unmatched for safety and reliability.