Ymagine 45 XF
Specification details for Ymagine 45 XF

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Direct-rolled steel provides a viable alternative to cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel. Tata Steel’s Ymagine® direct-rolled product line includes forming, structural and high-strength grades.

Consistent product characteristics deliver trouble-free processing and help you to maximize yield. Ymagine is pickled and oiled and comes in a wide choice of grades, dimensions and coil weights. All coils are weldless. It means you can choose a product to match your requirement and optimize your processing operations.


Processing is straightforward with Ymagine. Due to the low content of residual elements, it provides good weldability and can be welded using all conventional methods. Ymagine is coatable and has been tested for wet paint as well as powder coatings.

 A low silicon content means many users have successfully applied Ymagine for laser cutting processing. For batch galvanising, Ymagine can be ordered with a maximum silicon content. It can be continuously hot-dip galvanized without any restrictions and is suitable for enameling – although we always advise a trial first.

The main benefits of Ymagine direct-rolled steel include:

  • End products of consistent and reliable quality
  • Lighter and stronger products
  • Faster and easier processing
  • Increased output per tonne of steel
  • Reduced waste and rework


  • Automotive components
  • Automotive seating and safety systems
  • Building and construction components
  • Drums
  • Racking
  • Lighting columns
  • Furniture
  • Grades

The product range includes:

  • Basic light gauge drawing grade: Ymagine CS
  • Four high-strength low-alloy steels: Ymagine 45 XF, Ymagine 50 XF, Ymagine 60 XF and Ymagine 70 XF
  • Structural steel: Ymagine S36

We are continuously improving gauge control, coil weight flexibility and lead times to achieve and maintain the best levels available in the industry.

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Relationship with standards and mechanical properties

The values shown for the mechanical properties in the table below are for test pieces taken longitudinal to the rolling direction.

Tata Steel grade   Ymagine® 45 XF
ASTM A 1011: 2007 Hot-rolled flat products HSLAS grade 45 class 2
Yield strength ksi ≥ 45
Tensile strength ksi ≥ 55
Elongation % ≥ 23


Tata Steel grade   Ymagine® 45 XF
ASTM A 1008: 2013 Cold-rolled flat products HSLAS grade 45 class 2
Yield strength ksi ≥ 45
Tensile strength ksi ≥ 55
Elongation (2 inch) % ≥ 22


Tata Steel grade Direct-rolled flat products Ymagine® 45 XF
    Typical value Guaranteed values
Yield strength ksi 50 45 - 65
Tensile strength ksi 62 55 - 70
Elongation % 30 ≥ 25
Min. Elongation after fracture uses test piece length L0 is 2 inches.
Please contact us for further information on Charpy toughness and impact test properties.


Chemical composition

Heat analysis in weight percentages.

Tata Steel grade Ymagine® 45 XF
  Typical Guaranteed (max)
C 0.045 0.065
Mn 0.250 0.375
P 0.008 0.020
S 0.007 0.015
Si 0.018 0.035
Cb 0.010 0.015
For the purpose of batch galvanizing, Ymagine® high-strength steels can be ordered on consultation with a maximum Si content of 0.030%..

EN_US-Engineering-Product-Direct-rolled-HSS-Ymagine 45-Dimensions



Dimensional capability (pickled)

Dimensions in inches.

Thickness Maximum width
From - up to Ymagine® 45 XF
0.045 - 0.047 60
0.047 - 0.059 60
0.059 - 0.079 60
0.079 - 0.118 60
Minimum width is 39.37.
Other dimensions may be available - please contact us.

EN_US-Engineering-Product-Direct-rolled-All grades Shape and dimensional tolerances

Shape and dimensional tolerances

Shape and dimensional tolerances

Tolerances on thickness

Ymagine® is available with the following tolerances. Thickness tolerances over, no tolerance under.
Dimensions in inches.

Thickness Tolerances
0.045 ≤ t ≤ 0.078 0.004
0.078 < t ≤ 0.098 0.005 1
0.098 < t ≤ 0.118 0.006 2
1. In some instances, the material will be supplied with a total tolerance of 0.009 inch, only on the coil head and tail and to a maximum of 66 ft. from the start of the coil.
2. In some instances, the material will be supplied with a total tolerance of 0.010 inch, only on the coil head and tail and to a maximum of 66 ft. from the start of the coil.

Tolerances on width

Width tolerances comply with standard ASTM A568: 2011
Width tolerances over, no tolerance under.
Closer tolerances are possible – please contact us.

Dimensions and coil weights

The weight of weldless coils can be specified freely between 560 and 1148 PIW.
Ymagine is supplied with trimmed edges as standard. Mill edges are available on request.

Description Dimension or weight
Outside diameter minimum 41.4 inch
  maximum 78.74 inch (Ymagine®)
  maximum 87.67 inch (mill scale)
Coil weight maximum 69,500 lbs 1
PIW minimum 560 PIW
maximum 1148 PIW
1. For Ymagine 70 XF the maximum coil weight is 55,000 lbs for thicknesses > 0.098 inch.

Tata Steel assumes a minimum and a maximum coil weight agreed upon with the customer on the basis of our normal production practices and an order quantity corresponding to this coil weight.
Usually a minimum coil weight up to 90% of the maximum coil weight can be requested.

Surface aspects

The surface quality of Ymagine is comparable to that of hot-rolled steel.
The roughness is comparable to hot-rolled pickled and oiled material i.e. 35 - 100 μinch CLA.
Ymagine is suitable for cold-rolled applications that are not surface-critical.