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EN-Engineering-Key Products-Ympress


Ympress® is a hot-rolled, high-strength, low-alloy steel with outstanding formability and consistent product characteristics. Ympress delivers weight savings and increased component strength thanks to its high-yield strength.

This product adds value to trucks and trailers, excavating and lifting equipment, shipbuilding applications and more.

Ympress HSLA steel
Ympress Laser

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-Valast abrasion resistant


Efficient and reliable abrasion resistant steel sheet withstands harsh wear and tear whilst maintaining lasting quality – even in the most demanding environments. 

Tata Steel's Valast wear plate is available in extra-wide strip dimensions, offers consistent flatness and world‑class surface quality. Valast 450 is brought to you through a robust local supply chain offering reduced lead times and customised sheet lengths.

Dump truck at quarry
Two steel workers having a discussion near to distribution trucks
Two workers having a conversation near a truck, one in the doorway of the truck, the other standing outside
Abrasion resistant steel in road sweeper truck application
Valast abrasion resistant steel
Red ridged coil

EN-Engineering-Product-Ymagine Direct-rolled HOMEPAGE


Tata Steel's Ymagine® direct-rolled steel: a viable alternative to cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel. Ymagine is a range of high-quality, pickled and oiled steel products. Excellent workability and tight tolerances mean that it offers a cost effective alternative to traditional cold-rolled steel.

Ymagine direct-rolled steel coil

EN-Engineering-Product-Cold-rolled-Ymvit steel for enamelling


Tata Steel’s Ymvit® cold-rolled steel for enamelling delivers end product and process benefits including superb coating adhesion and reliable deep drawing. Ymvit Ultra grades provide perfect coating adhesion and improved resistance to carbon boiling and fish scaling. 

Applications include bakeware, barbecues, bathroom furniture, heat-exchange panels, photovoltaic solar panels, domestic appliances, sinks white boards and wall panels.

Ymvit enamelling steel component
Bath tub made from Ymvit product
tata-steel-industry-strip-cold-rolled-Ymvit 01_DSC0747.jpg
tata-steel-industry-strip-cold-rolled-Ymvit Ultra 04_DSC0801.jpg


High-strength steel

Tata Steel offers a range of cold-rolled steels for applications requiring high strength without the weight penalty. The range comprises micro-alloyed, rephosphorised and carbon manganese high-strength steels in cold-rolled uncoated condition. These steels are ideal for strong, thin-gauge products.

Our Radecol® grades are tailor-made for steel panel radiators offering higher strength and improved shape consistency. 

Cold-rolled coil
Cold-rolled annealing line, Port Talbot, UK

EN-Engineering-Key Products-MagiZinc


MagiZinc® is an innovative replacement for conventional galvanised steels. It provides superior corrosion protection even in harsh environments to extend product life and offering excellent formability and weldability. 

Suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, it can be used to reduce coating weight or extend product life. This means less use of valuable resources and reduced environmental impact.

Component containing a MagiZinc coating



Celsius® is our range of fully normalized hot finished hollow sections to EN 10210. Designed to perform in the most arduous conditions, the Celsius range have outstanding properties thanks to their fully normalized steel.

Celsius Tube made in Corby by Tata Steel
Tower crane
Celsius under production at Tata Steel
Tubes for trailer axles
Hybox TT

EN-Engineering-Product-Tubes-Hybox and Hybox TT

Hybox and Hybox TT

We manufacture a broad range of tubes to serve the construction, conveyance, pressure, energy, automotive and engineering markets. Because steel hollow sections offer the ideal combination of versatility, stength and efficiency for construction and mechanical applications.

Engineering-agriculture-hybox tt



With impressive strength and rigidity, Coretinium® takes its inspiration from nature’s most optimised high performance materials.

The combination of high performance Colorcoat® pre-finished steel and a rigid polymer honeycomb core Coretinium provides a highly aesthetic composite solution with exceptional rigidity to weight ratio that that facilitates light-weight products and design innovation.

Coretinium-Tiger trailers
Coretinium panel from Tata Steel