Pre-finished steel for fit out

Advantica® for controlled environments

Tata Steel has been producing Advantica® pre-finished steel for controlled environments for nearly 40 years.

Developed to meet the most stringent requirements, Advantica® products consistently provide the highest quality of pre-finished steel surfaces and we continue to apply both our unrivalled technical expertise and market-leading knowledge to ensure our products continue to meet evolving demands. These taint-free surfaces help to maintain clean and safe environments that are cleanable and, where necessary, safe for direct food contact. Advantica® products offer excellent levels of resistance to corrosion, damage and scratching.

Advantica® products benefit from extensive testing and are well-proven in a wide variety of applications including:

  • food processing
  • cold storage
  • clean rooms
  • medical environments
  • pharmaceutical
  • data centres
Loseley Ice Cream using Advantica L Control from Tata steel
Advantica L Control
Tata Steel construction Advantica for controlled environments
Tata Steel construction Advantica for controlled environments
Product specification

EN-Construction-Product-Advantica for controlled environments - Advantica® L Control

Advantica L Control
Specification details

EN-Construction-Product-Advantica for controlled environments - Advantica® L Control | Product features

Product features

Developed for use in controlled environments demanding the highest levels of cleanliness and food safety.

Controlled environments are designed to enable safe and efficient production, processing or service delivery inside a building.

Each controlled internal environment has specific needs related to the functionality of the building. In some cases, the consequences of contamination inside a controlled environment can be disastrous.

All controlled environments demand the highest standards when it comes to construction materials and need to be built to last. Building owners need to be confident that internal surfaces including walls, ceilings and doors are reliably:

  • efficient.
  • durable.
  • easy to clean.
  • safe to use in food contact areas.

Advantica® L Control is a proven and highly durable pre-finished steel for use in demanding controlled environments.
It has a PVC outer layer developed by Tata Steel in conjunction with leading film manufacturers. The anti-static PVC film has a nominal 120µm thickness.

Advantica® L Control can also be supplied with a thickness of 150µm upon special request for applications requiring higher durability. The food safe properties extend through the entire thickness of the film and are not limited to just the external surface.

Advantica® L Control is:

  • Food safe – meeting stringent requirements for continuous food contact.
  • Highly resistant to staining.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Anti-static – reducing the attraction of dust and dirt.
  • Robust – for lasting performance in high traffic areas.

Substrates available

  • Hot-dip galvanised to EN 10346.


All Advantica® products have been subjected to rigorous industrial testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC). Advantica® L Control has been tested in accordance with EN 16000-9 by an independent laboratory and achieved the highest rating, A+

The PVC food safe film on Advantica® L Control is phthalate-free – eliminating the risk of contamination. Anti-static properties: The PVC film incorporates a polar antistatic agent which reduces the electrical resistance of the surface to 1013 ohms which in turn reduces the attraction to dirt particles. If anti-static properties are required then Advantica® L Control is the recommended product. Advantica® L Control prevents the attraction of dust and dirt by surface conductivity additive.

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EN-Construction-Product-Advantica for controlled environments - Advantica® L Control | Guarantees


Guaranteed performance

Advantica® L Control is now available with a market-leading guarantee clearly demonstrating performance and providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

We offer a comprehensive guarantee with Advantica® L Control up to a duration of 15 years.

Guarantees are offered on a project by project basis and the duration of the guarantee offered will be based on our vast experience of the performance of these products, in ‘real life’ situations.

Please refer to our Advantica® pre-finished steel for controlled environments brochure or alternatively contact us directly for further details on these guarantees.

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EN-Construction-Product-Advantica for controlled environments - Advantica® L Control | Typical properties

Typical properties

Advantica® L Control typical properties table

Properties     Test Standard
Nominal organic
coating thickness
μm 120 or (150 on request) EN 13523-1
Specular gloss (60°) GU 8-15 EN 13523-2
Pencil hardness   >4H  EN 13523-4
Adhesion after indentation T Pass EN 13523-6
Adhesion on bending T 0 EN 13523-7
(minimum bend radius)
T 0 EN 13523-7
Scratch resistance g 4000 EN 13523-12
Corrosion resistance: 
Neutral salt spray
hours 500 EN 13523-8
Corrosion resistance: 
hours 1500 EN 13523-25
Fire resistance   B-s1,d0 EN 13501-1
VOC   A+ EN ISO 16000-9:2006
Service temperature range oC -40 to +60  



The figures contained in this table are typical properties and do not constitute a
specification. If forming pre-finished steel below 16°C please consult Tata Steel for further

Humidity performance subject to specification such as minimal metallic coating weight.

Foodsafety: compatible for continuous and direct contact with dry, aqueous and acidic

*Not suitable for outdoor use.

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EN-Construction-Product-Advantica for controlled environments - Advantica® L Control | Technical data

Technical data

Manufactured with quality built in

We manufacture Advantica® L Control using a hot-dip galvanized substrate to EN 10346. Following a pre-treatment, an anti-corrosive primer adhesive is applied. The PVC film is bonded to this pre-treated substrate using a polyester-based adhesive, applied in a roller coat operation. The adhesive is applied at a thickness of 8µm and provides an additional barrier to protect against corrosion.

The reverse side of the product has a backing coat which provides excellent adhesion to most forms of adhesive and insulation.

Advantica® L Control complies with (EU) No.10/2011 and EN1186-1 and is suitable for continuous food contact. However, as the product is typically used for the construction of walls and ceilings it is not advisable for direct food preparation.

Cleaning and maintenance
As there are so many different sorts and sources of cleaning products on today’s market, recommendations regarding use of the product is the responsibility of the detergent manufacturer. However, we strongly recommend that you follow the advice given below, which is based on our experience.

For details of the advice please refer to our controlled environments brochure.

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