Tata Steel operator working at Halmstad Service Centre in Sweden
Gelsenkirchen Service Center
Machinery moving coils at Tata Steel Unitol in Paris
Heavy gauge decoilers being transported at a warehouse facility in Llanwern
Tata Steel operator measuring steel sheet
Decoiled steel sheet up to 25mm thick
Processing machinery at the Maastricht Service Centre in Feijen

Our service centre portfolio

Benelux- Multisteel

EN-Service Centres-Benelux MultiSteel Service Centre

Service Centres - Benelux

MultiSteel offers one of the broadest multi-metal ranges in Europe, including HRP, CRC, HDG, DSP and OCS.

Our facilities convert wide and light gauge strip coil into precision slit coil, de-coiled sheets, and multi-strand blanks with widths up to 1.8m, thickness from 0.2-3.0mm and a strength level up to 800 MPa.

Service Centre Maastricht
Finland - Naantali

EN-Service Centres-Finland Naantali

Service centres - Finland

Naantali Steel Service Centre Oy is Finland’s leading steel service centre. Its large production capacity and storage facilities, coupled with strong logistics connections, enable it to offer an efficient and fast service in Finland and the Baltics. The company has over 22,000 m2 of processing and storage space in Naantali.

Tata Steel's Service Centre in Naantali
France - Unitol

EN-Service Centres-France Unitol

Service centres - France

Our Unitol steel service centre in Corbeil-Essonnes, France, offers one of the broadest ranges of strip products in Europe, converting wide strip coil into precision slit coil, de-coiled sheets and multi-strand blanks.

Tata Steel Unitol office in Paris
Germany - Gelsenkirchen

EN-Service Centres-Germany - Gelsenkirchen

Service Centres - Germany

Our Gelsenkirchen plant, producing slit coils and cut-to-size sheets, include slitters and blanking lines.

This technology provides a processing capability of widths up to 2m, thickness from 0.4-6.0mm and a strength level up to 1400 MPa.

Gelsenkirchen Service Center
Heavy Gauge Europe - Feijen

EN-Service Centres-Heavy Gauge Europe-Feijen

Service centres - Heavy Gauge Europe

Our service centre in Maastricht (Feijen) is part of our highly specialised distribution service for the European heavy gauge market.
The large heavy gauge decoiler at our Maastricht service centre has recently undergone a major investment.

Our ‘jumbo line’ will serve growing demand for high-strength steels, especially in the Lifting & Excavating sector, significantly strengthening our capabilities across Europe. 
Feijen processes coils to provide flat sheets for multiple industries.

Decoiled steel sheet up to 25mm thick
Heavy Gauge UK - Llanwern

EN-Service Centres-UK Heavy Gauge Decoiling Llanwern

Service centres - Heavy Gauge UK

Customers in the lifting and excavating, energy and power, ship building and heavy engineering markets know they can rely on the best-in-class decoiling facilities at our heavy gauge service centres for the full range of hot rolled coil, tailored to their exact specifications.

Operator moving steel at Llanwern distribution centre
Ireland - Lisburn

EN-Service Centres-Ireland Lisburn

Service centres - Ireland

The Ireland Service Centre processes and distributes the full range of Tata Steel's flat products from one location. In-house coil slitting, decoiling and shearing provide a wide processing capability to meet customer requirements locally from an extensive stock range.

Service centres - Ireland
Spain - Layde

EN-Service Centres-Spain Layde

Service centres - Spain

Layde steel slu is located in the north of Spain, the Basque Country.

For the transformation of coils this service centre has several slitting lines and also one cut-to-length line which can produce strips and also sheets in a variety of dimensions to serve customers in the general industry markets.

Coil processing
Sweden / Norway - Halmstad / NST
UK - Steelpark

EN-Service Centres-UK Steelpark

Service centres - UK

Supplying an extensive range of sheets and blanks of cold rolled, metallic coated and hot rolled specifications, our large-scale decoiling facilities bring the benefits of excellent flatness and surface presentation to customers in the sheet metal and light engineering markets.With a complete multi-metal and full-finish capability, including decoiling, slitting, blanking, press blanking and tailor welded blanks, our hi-tech service centre provides dedicated processing and services for OEMs and tier suppliers. Our Plate Profiling Centre's provide an integrated offering you can rely on.

Steelpark, Wednesfield 2