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Manufactured goods
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Advantica pre-finished steel products from Tata Steel can be used in a range of applications within the diverse manufactured goods sector, offering superior solutions to best meet individual or bespoke requirements.
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Advantica for Controlled environments

We have been producing pre-finished steels for controlled environments for over 40 years and offer a range of high quality pre-finished steel products for use in controlled environments. Ideal for clean rooms, medical environments and food processing areas.
Developed to meet the most stringent requirements, Advantica products consistently provide the highest quality of pre-finished steel surfaces that are taint free and capable of helping maintain clean and safe environments that are cleanable and, where necessary, safe for direct food contact.

Advantica for doors and windows

The wide range of products for this sector can meet varying needs such as those of domestic doors, where visual appeal is of great importance, and heavy industrial doors where high scratch resistance and corrosion protection are important.

Advantica for office furniture

A range of pre-finished steel products that are specially formulated for interior applications, including white boards, filing cabinets, paper guillotines, partitioning and shelving.
Robustness and visual effect are particularly important for office furniture and for these reasons, our range can be manufactured specifically for any purpose and in almost any colour or pattern.

Advantica for lighting

Specially formulated for light fittings including gear trays and box sections for fluorescent tube lights, reflectors and luminaire light fittings in commercial buildings, our high reflectivity pre-finished steel products have been specially formulated with a white reflective surface.
Produced with a variety of shades and coating systems to the reverse, our lighting products can be supplied on a variety of substrates and are suitable for a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial and domestic lighting.

Advantica for ceilings

Tata Steel supplies a range of pre-finished steel products into the ceilings sector that can be used for panels and boards and framework including webbing, t-bars and strips.

Advantica for HEVAC

Pre-finished steel products are used extensively in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Applications include; ventilation ducts, boilers, radiators and air conditioning units.

Advantica for teletronics

A range of material suitable for Teletronics applications, such as DVD players, set-top boxes, computer cases and plasma screen TVs.


Consumer products
Consumer products
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The key to high-quality products is selecting the right base materials. Tata Steel provides products for the consumer products market including domestic appliances, manufactured goods and the battery industry.

We can tailor our products for the end application requirements as well as offering technical and design services.

Domestic Appliances

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Tata Steel provides a wide range of products for different applications within the domestic appliance market – including pre-finished steel and polymer coated steel.


Motiva from Tata Steel is a range of pre-finished steel products specifically formulated for domestic appliances.

It is widely used for the following applications; wrap-arounds, tops, doors and side panels on washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, tumble driers, and many others. In addition, our recent innovation in non-stick technology means that we can now offer a product for oven interiors! 

To help you with your specification our Motiva range of products is in the following end application categories:

Motiva Hot - The Motiva Hot range of pre-finished steel from Tata Steel is specially formulated for domestic appliances that have superior heat resistant requirements. These include oven interiors, external casings, oven splash backs and microwave ovens etc.

Motiva Wet - The Motiva Wet range of pre-finished steel from Tata Steel is specially formulated for Wet domestic appliances that have high corrosion resistant requirements. These include casing of washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers and many other applications.

All the products in the Motiva Wet range are subject to rigorous test procedures to ensure that they are the right product for your end application. Standard tests include corrosion testing, flexibility, stain testing and colour consistency. All the Motiva products are also safe for indirect contact with foodstuffs.

Motiva Cold - The Motiva Cold range of pre-finished steel from Tata Steel is specially formulated for Cold domestic appliances that require exceptional durability. These include refrigerators, upright and chest freezers.

All the products in the Motiva Cold range are subject to rigorous test procedures to ensure that they are the right product for your end application. Standard tests include corrosion testing, flexibility, stain testing and colour consistency. All the Motiva products are also safe for indirect contact with foodstuffs

Trailers and automotive
Trailers and automotive

Pre-finished steel for refrigerated trailers

Advantica® pre-finished steel provides a tried and tested solution that has been specially developed for use in refrigerated trailer vehicles. We offer a range of products that have been optimised for the unique needs of the external and internal sides of the composite panels used. For more information contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts who are here to help you select the best products to meet your requirements.

You can also find out more in our dedicated Advantica for refrigerated trailers webpage.

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Pre-finished steel is used in an extensive range of construction applications. These range from exterior applications, including composite panels, roofing sheets and built-up systems to garage doors and roller shutter systems, and internal applications for partitioning, ceiling systems and doors.
Pre-finished steels offer advantages in the design and construction phases of roof cladding, rainscreen cladding and wall cladding systems, and continue to delver through the whole lifespan of the building.


  • The coating industry has 50 years experience to support product development.
  • Reassurance of uniform and high performance characteristics.
  • Extensive choice in colour and finish without the compromise of performance.
  • Proven sustainable credentials of material.
  • Key component within cost effective applications.
  • Material properties support both innovative and traditional design – flexibility, durability, high strength to weight ratio.
  • The pre-finished product is achieved though offsite manufacture.
  • Minimised social disruption.
  • Quick and efficient to install.
  • Durable and robust surface.
  • Wide availability of product types, colours, finished and dimensions.
  • Historical cases that demonstrate technological credentials.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Uniform performance of product throughout the building life.
  • Long performance minimises the need for post-applied systems.
  • Materials can be readily refurbished, re-used or recycled.

Lifespan of building

For further information on pre-finished steel for construction applications including roof cladding and wall cladding, visit

Pre-finished steel enquiries can be forwarded to the following contacts:

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