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Frequently asked questions

Tata Steel Nederland's green steel offering
The green steel offering from Tata Steel Nederland

What exactly is the green steel offering from Tata Steel Nederland?
Our Carbon Lite solution is a declaration-based low carbon steel that offers a flexible reduction in CO2e intensity. Available immediately, it means we can accelerate CO2e reduction throughout the steel-based value chain. Our standard Carbon Lite solution offers a 30% reduction in CO2e intensity compared to the Tata Steel Nederland baseline Jan 2018. This is in line with scope 3 reduction targets set by many steel users by 2030.

How does it work?
Find out more about the functionality behind Carbon Lite

Is the Carbon Lite declaration verified by a third party?
Yes, Carbon Lite declarations and the processes behind them are validated by Det Norsk Veritas (DNV). 

Which of your products will come with Carbon Lite declarations?
All steel products will be offered with Carbon Lite declarations. Contact your account manager to discuss your needs. 

Is there any difference in the performance and quality of Carbon Lite declarations compared to standard steel products?
No, the performance and quality of our products will remain the same. Customers can expect the same standards of quality and performance as they do now.

Will Carbon Lite declaration products need to be re-approved? 
No, because the underlying steel specification, performance and processing behaviour remain unchanged, Carbon Lite is a straightforward solution that is easy to implement. It guarantees you the same product quality and service.

How can I use Carbon Lite declarations?
Declarations can be used to demonstrate a reduction in scope 3 emissions and to support company reporting of scope 3 emissions in sustainability reports.

Do Carbon Lite products have a higher steel recycling rate than standard steel products?
No, not at the moment. However, options to increase the steel recycling rate are being developed.

Purchasing Carbon Lite
Carbon Lite is available now

When can we source Carbon Lite declarations from Tata Steel Nederland?
If you are interested in purchasing Carbon Lite declarations, please speak to your account manager or alternatively contact

What is the price of Carbon Lite declarations?
Please contact your account team to discuss. 

How can we pass on Carbon Lite savings to our own customers?
For further guidance click here.