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Superior performance

HILUMIN is produced from ultra-clean, specially-cast steel. Our proven and dedicated plating and heat treatment process ensures high corrosion resistance for long battery life. The consistent quality of HILUMIN also meets the demands of high volume, high speed battery component production. HILUMIN is custom-made for each application and is available for any battery type (alkaline, lithium, NiMH, NiCd and Li-Ion, Zn Air). It is also available as perforated steel strip. HILUMIN comes in a wide variety of finishes and offers:

  • outstanding formability (with excellent adhesion) for high-speed can-making and cell assembly

  • excellent corrosion resistance and low contact resistance

  • excellent deep drawing capability

  • consistent mechanical properties and tight tolerances

  • low earing characteristics


Extended shelf life

For an even more advanced coating performance, HILUMIN Cobalt offers additional cobalt plating as a top coating. This HILUMIN cobalt strip outperforms the traditional alkaline battery can - enhancing cell performance considerably after ageing. If you are concerned about edge corrosion, we can also provide our HILUMIN coating on top of stainless steel.

Main benefits of HILUMIN include:

  • end-products of consistent and reliable quality

  • opportunities to enhance end-product performance

  • trouble-free, repeatable processing

  • scope to optimise processes

  • minimised yield loss

Plating - Battery Performance
Delivery conditions
Delivery conditions

Delivery conditions 

Delivery condition

Available temper

Thickness range

Nickel plating thickness

Width range









A, LC, C290, C340, C390

2T, 3T, 4T, 5T

0.080 – 1.000

0.003 – 0.040

0.2  –  4.0

8 – 160

3 – 800

0.10 – 31.5


Surface appearance

Surface Finish


Ra (µm)


Bright finish (BF)

KR 0.5

≤ 0.2

very smooth surface

Fine stone finish

KR 4 / #2 Finish

0.15 - 0.45

smooth surface

Matte finish

KR 7 / #1 Finish

0.6 - 1.8

matte surface

Rough matte finish

KR 8 / #1 Finish

1.0 - 2.5

rough matte surface


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