HyperForm product showing enhanced formability
Downgauging potential versus HSLA
Compared to standard products used in complex structural car components, HyperForm steel has the potential to greatly reduce component weight. Our case study shows up to 23% downgauging potential without the loss of crash performance.
Downgauging potential versus DP800
To analyse the crash performance properties of DP800-GI HyperForm, drop weight testing with closed top hat structures was carried out to check the fracture behaviour. The performance was similar to standard DP800 with 10% increase in energy absorption.
Higher elongation levels
HyperForm grades offer on average 4% higher elongation (A80) and higher n-values than their normal DP-equivalents at the same strength level.
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Typical applications of HyperForm
HyperForm is ideal for a range of applications
A-Pillar component

The improved formability of HyperForm steels enables the use of higher strength materials and facilitates lightweighting, saving up to 23% weight at minimally higher costs.

Crash components
Benefit from lightweighting