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Apollo Metals
Apollo Metals

Apollo Metals, Ltd., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Apollo Metals has been electroplating continuous coil at its Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, facility for more than 80 years.

We produce copper and brass-plated cold rolled steel products in a diverse range of dimensions and surface finishes. Our products are used for:

  • critical automotive and sporting ammunition applications
  • a range of functional applications
  • decorative product applications

Our electroplating process enables us to meet all customer expectations for product characteristics including:

  • chemical properties
  • corrosion resistance
  • electrical conductivity

Apollo's state-of-the-art plating delivers optimised quality and overall product consistency. Our plating line configurations ensure extremely tight plating control.

We specialise in plating to exact tolerances - allowing our customers to produce at optimum efficiencies.