Jos van der Kooij, with over two decades of experience at Tata Steel Nederland, is recognised for his expertise in coated products, particularly outer panels. Recently he transitioned from his role as…
March 18, 2024
Any automotive engineer knows that specifying the correct material is vitally important to the production, performance, durability and cost-effectiveness of a vehicle or component.
March 7, 2024
Meet Bart Van Veldhuizen, New Product Manager at Tata Steel Nederland. In this interview, Bart delves into the challenges of developing value-added products for the automotive industry and discusses emerging…
February 8, 2024
In case you ever had the experience of driving a battery electric vehicle (BEV), chances are high that you might have thought: “this could be better”. Well, you are right, probably it could.  
December 21, 2023