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Advantica® Applications

Advantica® is a benchmark for quality and innovation and can meet the most stringent requirements for applications in a variety of controlled environments including food processing areas, clean rooms, cold storage areas and medical environments.

Advantica® provides the highest quality of pre-finished steel and is well-proven in a wide variety of applications, with exceptional levels of performance and unique benefits.

Advantica® for controlled environments

  • Advantica® L Control
  • Advantica® CL Clean
  • Advantica® GM

Advantica® for doors and windows

  • Advantica® L Décor
  • Advantica® K 
  • Advantica® SDP 35 Matt T 
  • Advantica® SDP 35 T 
  • Advantica® T 
  • Advantica® F Flex 
  • Advantica® PR
  • Advantica® GM 

Advantica® for HEVAC

  • Advantica® F Heat 
  • Advantica® K 
  • Advantica® T 
  • Advantica® SDP 35 Matt T 
  • Advantica® L Décor External 
  • Advantica® L Décor Internal 
  • Advantica® GM

Advantica® for lighting

  • Advantica® GH (L)
  • Advantica® F Reflect (L)
  • Advantica® F Flex (L)
  • Advantica® GM (L)
  • Advantica® F Heat (L)

Advantica® for office furniture

  • Advantica® F Flex (OF)
  • Advantica® L Décor Internal (OF)
  • Advantica® K (OF)
  • Advantica® T (OF)
  • Advantica® GM (OF)

Advantica® for ceilings

  • Advantica® GL (C)


Technical Support
Advantica® Technical Support

The key to high-quality products is selecting the right base materials.

We can tailor our products for the end application requirements as well as offering technical and design services.

We apply our expertise to carefully assess the specific properties required for your end application and recommend the right product needed to achieve the best result.

Advantica® Quality

Advantica® products are tested and certified

Our products have been subjected to stringent testing to prove their technical characteristics and performance.

All Advantica® pre-finished steel products also comply with REACH regulations on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals and are chrome free.

Copies of Certificates of Compliance are also available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

Contact us
Contact us

Colorcoat Connection® helpline

A dedicated helpline offering advice and guidance on metal envelope design, specification and construction. The helpline also includes expert advice on guarantees, colour advice and certification.

Contacting the Colorcoat Connection® helpline:

Telephone: +44 (0)1244 892434


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