Black Beverage cans made with Protact

Steel beverage cans are lightweight and strong, durable and unbreakable, even during harsh transport conditions.

Their strength safeguards the quality and branding during filling, transport and storage, and supports the brand image. The result is less spoilage, less denting and an overall better brand image.

The steel can’s unique barrier properties protect drinks from light, water and air, safeguard product integrity and meet highest food safety standards. Beverage cans ensure consistent carbonation, delivering the refreshing fizzyness that consumers expect. Steel cans are also tactile, being cold to the touch.

Through our products and services we help our food can customers to improve can-making line efficiency, improve their packaging’s performance and sustainability. We help reduce supply chain costs.

Steel beverage cans safeguard the quality and branding during filling, transport and storage
Beverage can made with Protact polymer-coated steel
Steel beverage cans are lightweight and strong, durable and unbreakable

Increasing Can-Making Line Efficiency

High quality material

We are a leading producer of high quality steels for the fast production rates demanded by two-piece beer and beverage can manufacture. We can recommend the best options for a good material match and can-line performance, resulting in higher efficiencies and better spoilage rates. 

Tata Steel supplies soft temper grades which have been designed to ensure homogeneity in chemistry and cleanliness throughout the process route. Six-Sigma controlled process stability ensures consistent mechanical properties and gauge control across the width and through the coil. The soft grade temper continuous annealed grades ensure optimum processing performance.

D&I pilot line

Tata Steel helps its customers stay ahead, by investing in its world leading laboratories, including a full scale D&I (Drawn and Wall Ironed) pilot line.

Withstanding pressure, lowering costs

Computer remodelling using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) tools allows us to design beverage can bottoms, supporting the implementation of thinner Tata Steel materials in combination with adapted can and tooling design. This helps achieve cost efficiency programmes without affecting can performance.

Improving Can Performance

Bright steel

With the current trend for brands to capitalise on steel's surface aesthetic, designs are increasingly using a steel surface as part of their brand identity. The leading producers of steel for packaging have, together with beverage can-manufacturers in Europe, improved the brightness of steel beverage cans.

This improves the homogeneity of the material, the whiteness and the gloss of the can, achieving a mirror-like finish.

European can and steel makers now offer support on material brightness to brands to maximising the metallic aesthetic and premium quality of labelling on the can.

Ensuring Sustainability

Downgauging know-how 

Tata Steel has the know-how to downgauge D&I (Drawn and Wall Ironed) material whilst maintaining formability and performance during the D&I process. We have reduced the weight of D&I material used for beverage cans by over 30% in the last 20 years - another way we contribute to a more sustainable and more responsible society.

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