Protact lamination line which uses ECCS as a substrate

Wide choice to meet your needs

We offer a wide choice of tin-free steel – tailoring our products to meet your required strength, surface finish and forming requirements. Our foodsafe ECCS packaging material is produced using Tata Steel’s blackplate.

Bespoke tempering and investment in both batch and continuous annealing ensure that we can match requirements for a variety of applications.

We supply tin-free packaging steel in a choice of:

  • single reduced and double reduced steel grades – with material tempered to match your strength and ductility requirements
  • thickness (gauge) – with scope for downgauging thanks to our direct rolling operations which produce thin-gauge material with increased strength
  • surface finish – to meet your processing needs and product performance requirements
  • width - up to 1050mm but with extra-wide (1200mm) material under development for optimised operational flexibility and output
  • oils – for protection in transit

Reliable quality for efficient canmaking and product performance

We have a proven track record in ECCS manufacture. Our fully-traceable tin-free products benefit from the dependable quality of our blackplate feedstock and ongoing investment at our dedicated packaging steel mills.

All of our processes – from initial pickling, through rolling, annealing, tempering and chromium coating – are carefully controlled and monitored. Process control is combined with rigorous inspection to deliver:

  • reliable mechanical properties – including earing properties required for 2-piece drawn can production
  • consistently good shape and dimensional tolerances – for efficient processing
  • precise surface coating chemistry – for reliable lacquering
  • homogenous coating coverage – for corrosion resistance (although ECCS is not suitable for highly acidic can contents)
  • excellent surface finish – at a roughness to match your requirement and achieved through careful control of both direct and temper mill rolling

New tin-free steel development for REACH compliance

TCCT® (trivalent chromium-coating technology) is a sustainable, reliable replacement for conventional tin-free packaging steel. Developed by Tata Steel, TCCT complies with European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals) regulations which ban the use of hexavalent chromium in electrolytic chromium coated steel (ECCS) manufacture.

Food-safe and suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, TCCT enables fast, repeatable processing. It is available in widths up to 1200mm for output optimisation. Key features include:

  • reliable mechanical properties – including earing properties required for 2-piece drawn can production
  • consistently good shape and dimensional tolerances – for efficient processing
  • homogeneous coating – ensuring reliable lacquering and corrosion resistance
  • excellent surface finish – at a roughness to match your requirement

Responsive service to suit your production demands

Our flexible, multi-site operations and robust supply chain infrastructure mean we can offer short lead times (as little as two weeks) to suit your production demands.

Packaging steel can be supplied in:

  • coil or sheets
  • DOS or ATBC oil

Our approachable ECCS experts are happy to advise you on the best products to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Relationship with standards

Our steel is supplied in accordance with the following standards:

Tinplate and ECCS (TFS) Blackplate
Euronorm 10202 Euronorm 10205
ASTM 623 (on request) -

Our operations are ISO 9001 certified.


Mechanical properties

          Yield / Proof Tensile Range
  Special AISI / ASTM BA / CA SR / DR strength (MPa) strength (MPa) (MPa)
TS200 Bake ware and extreme deformations   BA SR 200 320 +/- 50
TS230*   T1 BA SR 230 325 +/- 50
TS245*   T2 BA SR 245 340 +/- 50
TS260*     BA SR 260 360 +/- 50
TS275*   T3 BA SR 275 375 +/- 50
TS290*     BA SR 290 390 +/- 50
TS345 Aerosol components   BA DR 345 400 +/- 50
TS480 More formable DR grade   BA DR 480 505 +/- 50
TS520 Formable DR Grade DR 7.5 BA DR 520 545 +/- 50
TS550*   DR 8 BA DR 550 575 +/- 50
TH415*   T4 CA SR 415 435 +/- 50
TH435*   T5 CA SR 435 460 +/- 50
TH465N Easy open ends T5 CA SR 465 495 +/- 50
TH465 Sanitary ends   CA DR 465 480 +/- 50
TH480 Easy open and sanitary ends   CA DR 480 500 +/- 50
TH520*   DR 7.5 CA DR 520 540 +/- 50
TH550*   DR 8 CA DR 550 570 +/- 50
TH550N* Easy open ends DR 8 CA DR 550 560 +/- 50
TH580*     CA DR 580 590 +/- 50
TH620*   DR 9 CA DR 620 625 +/- 50

*Euronorm designation

Mechanical properties - D&I grades

Our tinplate for drawn and wall ironed (D&I) applications includes boron alloyed extra low carbon, continuously-annealed products to ensure excellent formability and highly efficient processing.

 D&I grades     Yield / Proof Tensile Range
(B&B and food) BA / CA SR / DR strength (MPa) strength (MPa) (MPa)
TH340 CA SR 340 360 +/- 40
TH360 CA DR 360 380 +/- 40
TH380 CA DR 380 400 +/- 40
TH415 CA SR 415 435 +/- 40

We can supply other packaging steels with special properties such as minimum earing and deep drawing properties – please contact us.

Dimensional capability


Product Coils/sheets1 Sheets
Thickness Width Cut length
Single reduced (SR) 0.17 - 0.49 mm 700 - 1200 mm 457 - 1137 mm (width max. 1018 mm)
Double reduced (DR) 0.13 - 0.26 mm 700 - 1200 mm 457 - 1137 mm (width max. 1018 mm)
Wide DWI - Up to 1219 mm -
Width tolerance Standard trim (- 0.00, + 3.00 mm)  
Special trim (- 0.00, + 1.00 mm)  
Super trim (- 0.25, + 0.00 mm)  



General specification window for packaging applications

























Customer Technical Support

Our Customer Technical Support team supports you to get the most out of our packaging steels. Knowledgeable, approachable engineers provide practical advice to ensure the best product match for your application. We can work with you to optimise your processing efficiency and help improve your product’s performance. Supported by world-class research facilities at our Centre for Packaging Technology, we offer:

  • material recommendations for smooth can-making processes
  • process technology assessment to realise can-making line efficiencies
  • can design reviews to improve can performance.
  • logistics assessment to improve supply chain performance
  • sustainability assessment to optimise today's can-making operations

Supply Chain Support

The day-to-day dynamics of the packaging supply chain demand a flexible supplier who can quickly anticipate changes in demand and specifications. We understand this – and that’s why you can count on us to meet deadlines. We have also developed innovative tools to simplify and shorten order lead times and improve information flow.

Our Supply Chain Support teams work with customers to:

  • improve existing processes
  • implement new supply chain processes for optimised efficiency, flexibility and performance
  • reduce costs

The following downloads contain further information: