High-strength steel

Tata Steel’s high-strength, low-alloy grades offer formability and strength for demanding applications.

The range includes our Ympress® HSLA – with grades that exceed the Euronorm, resulting in stronger and lighter products with increased yield and simplified processing.

Abrasion resistant wear steel
Product specification
High-strength steel is currently available in the following grades

EN-Automotive-Product-Hot-Rolled-HSS-Ympress S315MC TSN

Ympress S315MC
Specification details for Ympress S315MC

EN-Automotive-Product-Hot-Rolled-HSS-All grades Overview TSE


Our high-strength steel grades have been developed to meet a wide variety of applications. The consistent quality of these steels means they can be relied on to deliver benefits for your end-products and processes.

The high yield strength of Ympress delivers weight savings and increased component strength. This can help you create lighter, stronger products and increase yield through down-gauging. Consistent properties and tight control of material thickness allow trouble-free, repeatable processing. Ympress can be easily welded and galvanised. Its high surface quality can lead to fewer processing steps.



Relationship with standards

Tata Steel’s high-strength low-alloy steels comply with the following standards:

VDA EN 10149-2:2013 Tata Steel Tata Steel
Grade Grade Grade Grade
HR300LA S315MC Ympress S315MC XF315
HR340LA S355MC Ympress S355MC XF355
HR420LA S420MC Ympress S420MC XF420
HR460LA S460MC Ympress S460MC XF460
HR500LA S500MC Ympress S500MC XF500
- S550MC Ympress S550MC -
- S650MC Ympress S650MC -
- - Ympress E690TM -
HR700LA S700MC Ympress S700MC -
HR960LA S960MC Ympress S960MC -


Supply - product conditions

Hot-rolled steel can be supplied with these product conditions and finishes and with this surface treatment:

Side/surface condition



pickled and oiled

Mill edges