Heavy gauge decoiler transporting steel coil
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Component made using Ympress from Tata Steel
You can rely on the consistent quality of our hot-rolled steel

We have also enhanced many of our steel grades to deliver added benefits – both for end products and customer processes. Our hot-rolled steel line includes exclusive Tata Steel products developed to save you money and make your life easier. These include Ympress® Laser, developed specifically for fast and efficient laser cutting.  

The main benefits of our hot-rolled steel include:  

  • enhanced end product performance  
  • extended product life  
  • stronger, lighter products  
  • opportunities to cut costs  
  • repeatable, trouble-free processing  
  • opportunities to simplify processing  
  • maximised yield    


  • Agricultural equipment  
  • Automotive components  
  • Construction and building components  
  • Domestic appliances  
  • Electrical goods  
  • Infrastructure and equipment  
  • Pressure vessels and boilers  
  • Ship plate  
  • Trucks and trailers  
  • Tubes   
  • Heavy vehicles equipment  



Hot-rolled product families

Steel for forming

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-Forming TSE

Steel for forming

Hot-rolled steel for cold forming is used for bending and deep drawing.

Tata Steel's forming grades offer consistency for reliable processing and low carbon content for excellent welding performance.

The optimised chemistry of Tata Steel grade DD14+ offers enhanced formability for complex components. DD13WR is particularly suitable for use in wheel rims because of its low aluminium content and controlled Mn:Si ratio. The low carbon content gives DD13WR excellent welding performance.

Abrasion resistant wear steel
High-strength steel

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-HSS TSE

High-strength steel

Tata Steel’s hot-rolled high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) grades offer formability and strength for demanding applications.

The range includes Ympress® with grades that exceed the Euronorm, resulting in stronger and lighter products with increased yield and simplified processing. Our Ympress Laser range was developed specifically for fast and efficient laser-cutting. The resulting clean-cut edges mean end products require less finishing.

Abrasion resistant wear steel
Advanced and Ultra High-Strength Steel (AHSS-UHSS)