Quality checking packaging coils
Reliable quality for efficient processing and product performance

We have decades of experience in the manufacture of blackplate. Produced from Tata Steel’s hot-rolled coil, our blackplate is manufactured with care and precision. Rigorous control of rolling and annealing processes means you can rely on the quality of our blackplate.

Our blackplate delivers:

  • excellent shape (low crown) and consistent dimensional tolerances – for efficient, repeatable processing
  • reliable mechanical properties – meeting your requirements for strength, ductility and end-product performance

Responsive service to suit your production demands

The scale and flexibility of our manufacturing operations, coupled with our robust supply chain infrastructure, mean we can deliver in volume to meet your production demands.

Our blackplate is available in coil form. It is oiled for protection from damage and corrosion in transit.

Our approachable experts are happy to advise you on the best blackplate products to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.