Two piece aerosols made with Protact

Aerosols dispense a wide variety of products including deodorant, shaving foam, pastes, gels, paint and edible products like cream and cheese.

They perform well across a range of sectors from personal care, to paint and foods.

Steel aerosols offer dispensing convenience at high quality with exceptionally fine vaporisation or foaming for immediate use with the freedom of portion control. Being hermetically sealed, aerosols deliver a truly hygienic packaging format that preserves the quality of its contents well.

An aerosol’s dispensing performance is consistent from the first spray to the very last. Consumers like the fine controllable spray and high performance delivery of aerosols. Aerosols are airtight, secure and hygienic. Being made of steel, they are recyclable.

Through our products and services we help our aerosol customers to improve can-making line efficiency, improve their packaging’s performance and sustainability. We help reduce supply chain costs.

Aerosols are made with steel which is 100% recyclable
Three-piece aerosol production line
Aerosols deliver a truly hygienic packaging format that preserves the quality of its contents well

Improving Can-Making Line Efficiency

Withstanding pressure, lowering costs

We can offer computer modelling (Finite Element Analysis tools) for the design of aerosol tops/bottoms, to support the implementation of thinner Tata Steel materials in combination with adapted can and tooling design. So we support your cost efficiency programmes without reducing can performance. Computer modelling also improves sustainability.


Improving Can Performance

Protact® for aerosol components

Demand for improved internal and external aerosol protection and longer shelf life has led to the development of higher performance coatings.

With Protact polymer-coated steel components (tops, bottoms, valve cups) the aerosol completely protected against external corrosion. Steel cans dent less easily retain their superior appearance, even when used intensively or stored in humid conditions.

Seamless aerosols

Traditionally, steel aerosols are welded. However, certain market sectors prefer cans without a weld. Tata Steel's high quality steel grades and can-making knowledge make this possible.

The Protact two-piece aerosol, made by DS Containers in a combined DRD and D&I can-making process, combines value and product integrity in a can that gives brands an opportunity to use a premium package with great consumer appeal. The weld free pack with its polymer corrosion protection, offers many possibilities for high quality decoration. Protact facilitates a lean production process for aerosol can makers, offering two lead times from coil to can.

Two-piece tinplate aerosols made by a D&I process are already on the market.

Shaped aerosols

Tata Steel has special high elongation steels that enable the production of shaped aerosols. These are traditional aerosols that have been expanded. Shaped aerosols differentiate themselves clearly from all the other aerosols on the shelves.


Reducing Supply Chain Costs

Protact for manufacturing and supply chain optimisation

As Protact comes pre-coated, the can maker is able to omit the intermediate step of lacquering the can stock. This allows for steps to be made towards lean manufacturing in existing facilities, and reducing the investment required in the development of greenfield can-making operations.

Protact also offers the opportunity to standardise coatings for a diverse range of fillings, enabling can makers and brand owners to rationalise their specifications.

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