Food and closures


Food cans made with clear Protact

Steel packaging for food is versatile. It protects and preserves everything from meat, fish, soups and oils to tea, coffee and milk.

The heat sterilisation process preserves food naturally in a safe, strong, and convenient pack without having to rely on additives and preservatives. The food can offers brands a reliable, safe and secure packaging format.

The steel can is the only packaging that captures nutrients in heat-processed food without the need for preservatives. 

Packaging steel offers a 100% barrier against water, light and air.

Packaging steel closures are unmatched for safety and reliability.

Protact® polymer-coated steel, has excellent food safety standards being both Bisphenol A and BADGE free.

The steel can is a highly sustainable packaging format. 100% recyclable, steel cans have a lower than average environmental impact compared with other packaging formats.

The steel can is unparalleled value for money. It stands out for its robustness, efficiency and economy.

Through our products and services we help our food can customers to improve can-making line efficiency, improve their packaging’s performance and sustainability. We help reduce supply chain costs.

The steel food can stands out for its robustness, efficiency and economy
The food can offers brands a reliable, safe and secure packaging format
Protact sets a new standard in the fish canning industry, particularly for DRD can production

Increasing Can-Making Line Efficiency

Withstanding the pressure, lowering costs

We can offer computer modelling (Finite Element Analysis tools) to support the implementation of thinner Tata Steel materials in combination with adapted can and tooling design - enabling cost efficiency without reducing can performance.

Improving Can Performance

Protact for peel-off end rings

Designed for quick, easy and safe removal, peel-off ends on metal cans are widely appreciated by consumers and demand is growing. Protact with a polypropylene coating meets the high quality requirements for peel-off rings. Seal integrity is one of the most important aspects in food packaging. Due to the 100% polypropylene bond between the Protact ring and the membrane, the seal integrity of Protact is superior to that of heat seal lacquers and can reduce heat sealing time. Because of its exceptional bonding strength it can be used in a continuous retort filling process. 

Protact for fish 

The combination of steel and food-grade laminated Protact sets a new standard in the fish canning industry, particularly for DRD can production. Food packaging made from Protact complies with all FDA and European Union food contact standards, enabling food processors to use the same packaging for global distribution - a tremendous logistical benefit. Pre-coating is not needed, simplifying safety compliance for food and fish processors, and saving costs. Protact is specifically engineered to withstand demanding filling and packing processes, delivering the best possible product to the consumer.

Better formable steels for easy-open ends

Steel for easy-open ends requires high strength to withstand the retorting process, yet still enabling the ends to be easy to open. Finally, the steel must be ductile enough for seaming and rivet forming operations. Tata Steel offers a range of nitrogenised steel based products that deliver this range of mechanical properties.

Ensuring Sustainability

Downgauging for more sustainable packaging

New generation food cans are 46% lighter than 30 years ago. Tata Steel has the know-how to downgauge its steel whilst maintaining formability and material performance during the can-making process.

We can recommend the best material options for ultimate can-making line performance, with higher efficiencies and reduced spoilage. Tata Steel is continuously improving packaging steel to be even more sustainable.

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