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Quality products

Exacting standards

To satisfy the very latest automotive standards, our total quality management (TQM) system ensures compliance with exacting specifications for:

  • tight dimensional tolerances

  • material composition

  • coatings and material thickness

The quality of our pre-plated steel strip gives automotive components the perfect finish and delivers years of reliability.


Product choice

Our comprehensive range of pre-plated steel options means greater design freedom for customers in the automotive industry. Our range includes a wide choice of metallic surface finishes.


Safety and environment

Our products help customers to produce safe and environmentally-friendly cars and automotive components. In addition to being fully recyclable, our cold-rolled and plated steel products offer significant performance benefits. These include:

  • very high levels of corrosion resistance against bio fuels and de-icing agents

  • heat resistance at temperatures over 200 C°

  • outstanding collision performance against leaking or splitting

Tata Steel Plating is a leading provider of electro plated and cold-rolled steel solutions for the automotive industry. 

Global reach through

  • 2 manufacturing sites in USA (Apollo Metals, Thomas Steel Strip)

  • 1 manufacturing site in Europe (Hille & Müller)

  • 1 service center in Europe

  • worldwide sales representation

Tata Steel Plating - manufacturing locations
HILUMIN® ultra-clean nickel-plated steel
Copper-plated products


Copper-plated steel

Tata Steel offers a range of cold-rolled steel strip products electroplated with copper. These high-performance products are a cost-effective alternative to solid copper. Copper plated steel exhibits excellent brazeability, outstanding formability combined with optimum heat resistance. The deep-drawing properties enable reliable production of components in demanding shapes.


Product electroplated with copper
NICOR® Nickel-plated diffusion annealed steel


NICOR® Nickel-plated diffusion annealed steel

NICOR is nickel electroplated cold rolled diffusion annealed steel strip.  For improved deep drawing and easy and reliable processing.  It has excellent deep-drawing properties with no risk of surface cracking. The perfect bond between steel and nickel also ensures excellent r