Operators examining a piece of steel
Benelux - Multisteel Service Centre


MultiSteel – located in Maastricht, in the south-east of the Netherlands is close to a harbour. Harbour access ensures efficient, seamless inbound and outbound logistics from our steel mill all the way through to customers.

Technical expertise

Tata Steel product specialists are experienced with our current products and have extensive knowledge about new developed products. We can also support you with the right material selection.
Furthermore we have specialists in all relevant areas of process knowledge and modern state of the art R&D facility.

Global support

Our European steel service centres offer access to Tata Steel’s global network of sales offices. This means we can support customer operations throughout Europe and beyond.

Just-in-time delivery

We offer significant experience in meeting the automotive market’s demand for just-in-time deliveries. Our flexibility is combined with excellent geographical reach and technical expertise. This has enabled us to become the preferred route-to-market for both direct and indirect deliveries to original equipment manufacturers and their sub-contractors. Our multilingual teams are here to support you and answer all your queries.

Applications and quality

Steel processed at MultiSteel is used for a variety of modern components. 

MultiSteel offers a broad multi-metal range for the Automotive industry. Our facilities convert wide and light gauge strip into precision slit coils, de-coiled sheets and multi-strand blanks with widths up to 1.8m, thickness from 0.2-3.0mm and a strength level up to 1000 MPa.

Being an IATF 16949:2016 certified Steel Service Centre, all our products are produced to the highest standards including full-finish capabilities and tailored to meet our OEMs and tier suppliers needs. 


We process the following products:

  • Hot-rolled
    • Ympress®
    • Cold-rolled
    • Ymvit®
  • Ymagine® direct-rolled
  • Metallic coated
    • Hot-dip galvanised
    • MagiZinc®
    • Galfan®
    • Galvannealed
    • Hot-dip aluminised
    • Galvalume
    • Aluzinc
  • Electrozinc-plated
  • Pre-finished or organic coated
    • Colorcoat HPS200 ULTRA®
    • Colorcoat Prisma®
    • Laminated
Processing capability
Benelux - MultiSteel Service Centre
Processing capability

MultiSteel has four production lines at its disposal that provide the possibility to make a wide variety of products. Strip steel and small coils can be produced on slitter 1 and slitter 2, sheet metal on the multi-blanker and small sheets on the mini-blanker.

Processing unit Width Thickness Comments
  Min (mm) Max (mm) Min (mm) Max (mm)  
Slitter 1 400 1850 0.3 3 Up to 40 individual slits across coil width
Slitter 2 400 1550 0.2 1.5 Up to 40 individual slits across coil width
Miniblanker 200 1050 0.3 0.8 Stacking up to 1250mm length blanks
Mutiblanker 300 1850 0.3 3 Stacking up to 6000mm length blanks

Maximum strength level is 1000 MPa   
Maximum 20t coil weight

Please consult our sales department regarding specific technical feasibility of dimensional combinations, tolerances and grades. You can find details on how to get in touch with us in the 'Contacts' section the the right, or 'Contact Us' below.