Lampenteile final plating cold rolled steel


  • Automotive chromed components

  • Decorative household products including curtain poles, lamp parts, giftware, tableware and toasters


Outstanding surface finish

HIBRITE cold-rolled steel and HIBRITE nickel-plated steel products offer a superb surface finish in a choice of ‘bright’ or ‘mirror’. HIBRITE finishes exceed the industry norms of ‘MC’ standard for mirror finish and ‘MB’ standard for bright finish. Bright and mirror finishes negate the need for grinding and polishing.

Main benefits of our surface-finished cold-rolled steel include:

  • end-products of consistent and reliable quality

  • improved end-product performance

  • trouble-free, repeatable processing

  • opportunities to reduce processing steps

  • minimised waste

The shiny surfaces are ideal for electroplating with chrome, copper or bright nickel. The fine-grained steel structure of HIBRITE makes it highly suitable for stamping and deep drawing.  The reliable quality of HIBRITE delivers additional benefits for further processing and end-products. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses to meet the most demanding applications.

We can also tailor HIBRITE and other cold-rolled steel products to meet your exact processing and end-product requirements.


High-strength steel (HSS)

We have introduced high-strength steel as an alternative substrate for stainless steel. Tata Steel's cold-rolled steel or cold-rolled strip is available as high-strength steel when the cold-rolling process uses either high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) substrates or higher carbons.


Delivery conditions
Delivery conditions

Delivery condition

Available temper

Thickness range

Width range








LC, C290, C340, C390, C440, C490, C590, C690

1T (full hard),
2T, 3T, 4T, 5T

0.100 – 1.500

0.004 – 0.060

3 – 724

0.10 – 28.5

C999 (DC01 only)

1T (full hard)

0.250 – 1.500

0.010 – 0.060

3 – 660

0.10 – 26



LC, C290, C340, C390

 4T, 5T

0.200 – 1.000

0.008 – 0.040

3 – 630

0.10 – 25


Surface appearance

Surface Finish


Ra (µm)


Mirror finish (MF)

KR 0 / Appliance Finish

≤ 0.1

exceptionally smooth surface

Bright finish (BF)

KR 0.5

≤ 0.2

very smooth surface

Fine stone finish

KR 4 / #2 Finish

0.15 - 0.45

smooth surface

Matte finish

KR 7 / #1 Finish

0.6 - 1.8

matte surface

Rough matte finish

KR 8 / #1 Finish

1.0 - 2.5

rough matte surface

Satin finish



similar to brush finish

We can also lacquer satin-finished products on request – please contact us.