Hilumin battery cans


Tata Steel Plating is the world's leading supplier of materials for the production of battery cases.

We pioneered nickel plating technology. HILUMIN®, a material that we developed and patented over 60 years ago, plays an integral part in the production of batteries. HILUMIN is an electrolytically nickel-plated, diffusion-annealed cold-rolled steel strip. Its properties are optimised for the production of high-quality batteries. The benefits of HILUMIN are recognised by many international manufacturers. We supply the global top producers of alkaline batteries.

Superior products

The features of our nickel-plated steel for batteries are fundamental to the quality of the final product. They include:

  • battery quality grade substrate
  • coating integrity (during and after stamping)
  • adherence to tight thickness tolerances
  • precise mechanical properties

In addition, leak protection, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are all positively influenced by our products.

Reliable performance

HILUMIN has excellent deep drawing properties - aiding efficient and fast production of uniformly high quality batteries. To further enhance battery performance, HILUMIN can also be supplied with a cobalt top layer – in dull or bright finish - or as a coating on stainless steel.

For more information visit our dedicated HILUMIN product page.

Household products
Household product
Tata Steel Plating supplies top-quality electro plated steel strip for the production of both decorative and non-visible parts in household appliances.

We make these products from high quality cold-rolled strips which we plate with nickel or copper. Our electro plated strips provide all the beauty of solid metal at a fraction of the cost.

Functional and reliable

We use our technical expertise to produce consistently reliable electro plated material with high mechanical strength. All of our products benefit from stringent quality control and ongoing investment in research and development. The quality of our pre-plated steel strip provides end-products with the perfect surface finish. It also delivers the reliability that consumers expect.

Brilliant surface

Our HIBRITE® products have a brilliant surface appearance. We offer HIBRITE in both cold-rolled steel and nickel-plated steel. The shiny surfaces are ideal for electroplating with chrome, copper or bright nickel. The reliable quality of HIBRITE delivers benefits for further processing and end-products.

Wide choice

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-plated steel and non-ferrous metal strip. Almost all of our products can be supplied with a choice of surface finish including mirror, satin-matte, brushed and embossed. An ultra-violet and heat-resistant lacquer ensures that the surface is easy to clean and resistant to oxidation. We can deliver products in large coils, small-sized coils or cut lengths.

Processing benefits

Our pre-plated steel strip products have been developed to enable fast and efficient downstream processing with no risk to surface quality.


Office products
Office products
Our HILAN® bright nickel-plated steel delivers benefits for both further processing and end-product performance.

Produced to a consistently reliable quality, HILAN® is used in a wide variety of office products including ring binders, lever-arch mechanisms, staples and hole punches.

Reliable performance

HILAN benefits from tight dimensional tolerances and optimal consistency of the nickel layer. Good scratch and abrasion resistance helps to guarantee a long life for office products. Use of HILAN also leads to longer tool life in processing operations. HILAN is suitable for stamping and deep drawing. It can be piece-plated after the stamping process in chrome, silver or gold plating.

Wide choice

We can provide HILAN bright nickel-plated steel strip in a choice of surface finish to suit your needs. Finishes include exceptionally smooth mirror finish, bright finish and rough finish. We also offer a special design satin finish (equivalent to brush finish).

Electro-plated product families

Nickel zinc-plated

EN-Plating-Engineering-Product-Electro-plated-Nickel zinc


Electroplating nickel and zinc creates corrosion resistance that is 4-7 times better than a galvanised coating at an equivalent plating thickness. It offers wide-ranging benefits which include consistent formability and better weldability than zinc-coated products.


NiZn-Cote parts
HILAN® bright nickel-plated steel


HILAN® bright nickel-plated steel

Tata Steel’s HILAN is a cold-rolled steel strip product electroplated with bright nickel.
Bright nickel creates an extra hard and extra bright surface. Because HILAN keeps its good looks, it is ideal for decorative products.
Its durability also makes it a popular choice for components requiring high wear resistance.HILAN can be processed with ease and provides several advantages over stainless steel.


Hilan component


Brass-plated steel

A cost-effective alternative to solid brass with improved strength and outstanding formability. The deep-drawing properties enable reliable production of components in demanding shapes. Consistent quality enables trouble-free processing. Not only appearance, but also excellent lubricity during forming.


Brass plated coil
NICOR® nickel-plated diffusion annealed steel


NICOR® Nickel-plated diffusion annealed steel

NICOR is nickel electroplated cold rolled diffusion annealed steel strip.  For improved deep drawing and easy and reliable processing.  It has excellent deep-drawing properties with no risk of surface cracking. The perfect bond between steel and nickel also ensures excellent resistance to corrosion.


Nickel-plated fuel line components
HILUMIN® ultra-clean nickel-plated stee



HILUMIN® is an electro nickel-plated diffusion annealed steel strip for battery applications where low contact resistance and high corrosion resistance is required. Manufactured using an ultra-clean steel grade, it plays an integral part in the production of batteries.

Hilumin alkaline battery cans
Cold-rolled steel

EN-Plating-Engineering-Product-Electro-plated-Cold-rolled steel

Tata Steel Plating – Cold-rolled steel

Tata Steel’s cold-rolled steel strip offers consistent quality that you can rely on. It delivers benefits for your end-products and processes. We can deliver cold-rolled steel in a wide choice of surface appearance to suit your applications. Finish options include Tata Steel’s HIBRITE® - available as a bright finish or mirror finish.


Cold rolled coil