Efficient and reliable abrasion resistant steel sheet withstands harsh wear and tear whilst maintaining lasting quality – even in the most demanding environments. 

Tata Steel's Valast wear plate is available in extra-wide strip dimensions, offers consistent flatness and world‑class surface quality. Valast 400/450 is brought to you through a robust local supply chain offering reduced lead times and customised sheet lengths.

Designed specifically for use in tough conditions. You can rely on Valast wear steel to keep performing. The widest AR sheet available has got a superior surface finish, ideal for the production of stand out equipment.

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Abrasion resistant steel in road sweeper truck application
Valast abrasion resistant steel
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Product specification
Valast is currently available in the following grade:

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-Valast Abrasion Resistant-Valast400 TSN

Valast 400

Specification details for Valast® 400/450



Based on decades of steel know-how and extensive application knowledge, we have developed Valast abrasion resistant steel. Designed specifically for use in construction, mining and agriculture equipment. You can rely on Valast wear plate to keep performing in the toughest conditions. 

Steel hardness is vital to the development of high performance, abrasion resistant steel. Typically used in tipper bodies, dump trucks, asphalt pavers, cement trucks, chutes, garbage trucks, containers, excavator buckets and many more applications, this steel must withstand severe wear and tear to extend their operational life and minimise repair and replacement costs.

Reliable quality, together with the widest abrasion resistant strip dimensions on the market, result in multiple benefits for your processing operations – with scope to boost yield and cut waste. Thoroughly tested, fully accredited and available only via a proven supply chain, Valast gives you extra value.

Product features

Valast® 450 offers unique and distinguishing product features that benefit our customers significantly. These have been highlighted in the below icons. 

Valast abrasion resistant steel. Product features

Guaranteed impact toughness

Valast offers a guaranteed impact toughness of ≥ 34 J/cm2 at -40 degrees Celsius, making sure the product performs in even the coldest environments.

Custom sizes

Valast steel sheets come from hot-rolled steel coils that can be cut to any length at our own downstream facilities as well as at some carefully selected supply chain partners. Combining the flexible sheet lengths with the widest AR steel coil offering on the market allows customers to order the custom sizes that they need. This significantly reduces yield loss and helps customers to optimally nest for laser and cutting operations.


Tata Steel's investment in a research and development programme has ensured a low CET of less than 0.33 in Valast 450 steel - ensuring that all conventional welding methods can be used.

CEV max
CET max PCM max
0.45 0.33 0.32

Consistent tight tolerances

Valast strip steel is made on the IJmuiden (the Netherlands) world-class hot strip mill. The thickness and width tolerances are world-class, enabling effortless automated processing of our material.

Customer Technical Services

Valast wear steel comes with the backing of excellent customer technical service engineers, helping with any product questions you might have. We can also offer our Advanced Engineering Services through which customers get design support to make sure one gets the best possible performance from our materials.

High quality surface finish

Tata Steel Europe’s Valast 450 has a superior surface quality compared to other offerings in the market place. The steel is tough but still offers those premium aesthetics that world-class equipment providers want to offer.


A 3.1 certificate is issued with Valast 450. Other certificate types are available on request. 

Product support

Our proactive customer technical services team offers technical consultancy and practical, hands-on support to help you to get the best from Valast 450. Using our steel know-how and application knowledge, we can assist you in maximising processing efficiency and end product performance.