Steel for gas cylinders

Tata Steel’s structural steel for gas cylinders offers excellent deep-drawing properties and weldability for ease of processing. 

The grades allow for reliable normalising of the welded gas cylinder - retaining strength that contributes to optimal safety in use.

Product specification
Steel for gas cylinders is currently available in the following grades

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-Gas cylinders-P245NB TSE

Specification details for P245NB

EN-EngineeringAutomotive-Product-Hot-rolled-All Grades Surface aspects Supply Conditions TSE

Supply Conditions

Supply - product conditions

Hot-rolled steel can be supplied with these product conditions and finishes and with this surface treatment:

Side/surface condition non-pickled pickled pickled and oiled
Mill edges Yes Yes Yes
Trimmed edges - Yes Yes
Trimmed edges available in thicknesses up to 8.0 mm.
Please contact us regarding other specifications we may have that meet your needs.

Surface aspects

Description Availability
Surface finish Coils are available in non-pickled and pickled finish for most grades. 
For grade specific availability, please refer to the dimensional tables.
Oiling Pickled finish is available with rolling
or preservative oil applied. 
Oil weight normally 0.5-2.5 g/m2
Alternative oiling ranges are available.
Please contact us for details.


Test certificates 2.2/3.1 are available according to EN 10204.         

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-Gas cylinders-P245NB-Properties TSE


Mechanical Properties

Steel for gas cylinders has the following mechanical properties, measured transverse to the rolling direction:

EN 10120: 2008 Grade P245NB
Min. yield strength1 ReH (N/mm²)   245
Tensile strength Rm (N/mm²)   360 - 450
Elongation %
t < 3 26
≥ 3 34
1. Upper yield strength or 0.2% proof stress applies.
Elongation after fracture A uses test piece length L0 = 80 mm for t < 3 and L0 = 5.65√S0 for t ≥ 3.
t – material thickness in mm.

Chemical composition

Tata Steel will satisfy the following cast analysis with values:

EN 10120: 2008 Grade P245NB
C Max. 0.16
Mn Min. 0.30
P Max. 0.025
S Max. 0.015
Si Max. 0.25
Altot Min. 0.020
N Max. 0.009
Nb Max. 0.050
Ti Max. 0.030
All values are in weight%.
Tata Steel does not use Cr, Cu, Mo or Ni as alloying elements for these steel grades.

EN-Engineering-Product-Hot-Rolled-Gas cylinders-P245NB-Dimensions TSE


Dimensional capability

Dimensions in mm.

Thickness Max. width
From - up to P245NB
2.00 - 2.20 1700
2.20 - 2.40 1820
2.40 - 2.60 1920
2.60 - 2.70 2030
2.70 - 5.00 2070
The above capabilities apply to both pickled and non-pickled conditions.
The minimum width is 1000 mm.
Widths smaller than 1000 mm are available on request - please contact us.


Tolerances for wide strip and slit wide strip comply with standard EN 10051: 2010.

Tighter tolerances are available, please contact us.


EN-EngineeringAutomotive-Product-Hot-rolled-All grades Shape and dimensional tolerances TSE

Shape and dimensional tolerances

Shape and dimensional tolerances

The specified values for wide strip do not apply to the uncropped ends of the coil (‘head’ and ‘tail’). The length of these uncropped ends is calculated using the following formula:

length (in metres) = 90/nominal thickness (in mm), with a maximum of 20 metres.

If required, this part of the coil can be removed, however an additional cost may be charged for this.


Tolerances on thickness

Tata Steel can supply to full thickness tolerance specified in EN 10051:2010.

Tighter tolerances are available as shown below:

Product type Thickness tolerances available
  (% of full EN 10051:2010 tolerance)
  100% 75% 66% 60% 50% 33%

Steel for forming






Yes 1

High-strength low-alloy
(HSLA EN 10149-2)






Yes 1

Ympress® HSLA






Yes 1

Ympress® Laser