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Trapes roof and wall profiles
Trapezoidal profiles for roof or wall cladding

In modern construction projects our Trapes panels are being combined in entirely new ways - often with other materials and other profiles.

Our trapezoidal profiles offer a wealth of wonderful options for new construction, extension and renovation projects alike. In the agricultural sector they are typically used for all kinds of outhouses (stables, barns, etc.). The profiles are available in different materials and coatings e.g; Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat® PE 25. They can also be supplied with an anti-condensation coating, Constop Filt.

Trapes profiler from Norway
Sinus roof and wall profiles
Classical waves in a new design; Flexible and adaptable

Sinus profiles are suitable for use in both traditional projects and modern applications on the roof and facades of offices, industrial buildings and farms.

Both horizontally and vertically, Sinus interacts or contrasts with wood, glass, concrete and stone in facades and decorations.

Sinus profiles are available in a variety of widths and are easy to bend during installation. Profiles can be supplied with an anti-condensation coating of Constop Filt to suit your requirements.

Sinus Wall cladding from Norway
Clickfals standing seam profiles
Standing seam profiles for roof and wall

Standing seam design that stands out, giving an exclusive look to roofs and frontages

ClickFals® revolutionises traditional band coverage, designed with a classically beautiful standing seam.

ClickFals® is available in two variants:

  • ClickFals® S, which is particularly suitable for frontages, bay windows and smaller roof surfaces.
  • ClickFals® C, which is for larger-scale roofing solutions.
Clickfals standing seam from Tata Steel Norway
Hoyprofiler structural decking
Versatile and cost-effective decking

Tata Steel has a wide range of deep deck products with different technical characteristics which can be used for many different construction projects and most types of buildings.

Good economy in materials and assembly means deep decks are cost-effective, this is partly due to deep decks strength that allows it to handle very large spans.

Deep decks are available in a number of different surface finishes including galvanized, polyester, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® or interior paint and can be delivered in several different designs including perforated for acoustic control.

Høyprofil from Tata Steel Norway
Effective, practical and highly economical roof tiles

Aesthetic and highly economical HarmoniPlus® panels are designed to look like roofing tiles, which are quick and easy to mount.

The roofing panels are supplied in lengths of up to 8m and in standard lengths, which fitters will find low in weight. Tata Steel have a range of flashings that will support the fitting process.

HarmoniPlus can be used for residential houses, commercial buildings, farm buildings, industrial buildings and offices. The classic design and dimensions are an effective, practical and architectural solution for a wide range of renovation and construction projects.

The roofing panels can be supplied in lengths, coatings, colours and gauge exactly to suit requirements. Attractive guarantees ensure that your building is guaranteed for up to 40 years.

Building Systems Nordics Tata Steel Construction HarmoniPlus
Roof and wall flashings

To complement your building project we offer a range of flashing options to either match or contract with your roof and wall. We can supply a comprehensive range of standard flashings, as well as special sizes on request. Flashings can be ordered in a variety of materials, profiles, material thickness and colours.

Flashings from Tata Steel Norway
Z and C Purlins
Z- and C-purlins

Lightweight and strong

Z- and C-purlins combine lightness and strength with cost effectiveness in roofs, facades, partition walls and floors. The wide range of purlins from Tata Steel and the flexible range and shape of these lightweight purlins make it possible to design construction solutions with a wealth of advantages.

Purlins from Tata Steel Norway
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