Manufacturing packaging steel

Wide choice to meet your needs

We offer a wide choice of tinplate – tailoring our products to meet your required strength, surface finish and forming requirements. Our tinplate is produced using Tata Steel’s blackplate.

Bespoke tempering and investment in both batch and continuous annealing mean we can match requirements for a variety of tinplate applications.

We supply tinplate in a choice of:

  • single reduced and double reduced steel grades – with material tempered to match your strength and ductility requirements
  • thickness (gauge) – with scope for downgauging thanks to our direct rolling operations which produce thin-gauge material with increased strength
  • coating weight – matching your corrosion-resistance requirements, with differential coatings clearly identified
  • surface finish – to meet your processing needs and product performance requirements
  • width - up to 1200mm for optimised operational flexibility and output
  • oils – for protection in transit

Specialist operations at our rolling mills provide added choice and meet demands for:

  • longer shelf life – through our optional passivation process which stabilises the tinplate surface and impedes growth of ‘yellowing’ tin oxide
  • flow-brightened tinplate – produced through our flow-melting process which achieves the shiny, lustrous appearance and improved corrosion performance for welded 3-piece cans

Reliable quality for efficient canmaking and product performance

We have decades of experience in the manufacture of packaging steels. Our fully-traceable tinplate products benefit from the dependable quality of our blackplate feedstock and ongoing investment at our dedicated mills.

All of our processes – from initial pickling, through rolling, annealing, tempering and electrolytic tinning – are carefully controlled and monitored. Combined with rigorous inspection, including coating line auto-inspection equipment developed by Parsytec, this delivers tinplate with:

  • reliable mechanical properties – including formability for DWI cans and earing properties for 2-piece drawn can production
  • consistently good shape and dimensional tolerances – for efficient processing
  • homogeneous tin coating – for reliable corrosion resistance, surface lacquering or printing
  • excellent surface finish – at a roughness to match your requirement and achieved through careful control of both direct and temper mill rolling

New tinplate developments to serve you better

We continue to invest in our tinplate products and processes. This ensures ongoing product improvement – helping you to meet new challenges. In a world of tightening legislation for packaging material, it also means you can rest assured that our products will always be compliant.

Recent and current tinplate developments at Tata Steel include:

  • development of a chromium-free passivation method to meet the new European REACH regulation for chemicals by September 2017
  • ongoing low-weight coating optimisation – for cost-effective corrosion protection
  • induction flow-brightening – delivering improved surface quality and enabling lower coating weights

Responsive service to suit your production demands

Our flexible, multi-site operations and robust supply chain infrastructure mean we can offer short lead times (as little as two weeks) to suit your production demands.

Tata Steel tinplate can be supplied in:

  • coil or sheets
  • DOS or ATBC oil

Our approachable tinplate experts are happy to advise you on the best products to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Our steel is supplied in accordance with the following standards:

Tinplate and ECCS (TFS) Blackplate
Euronorm 10202 Euronorm 10205
ASTM 623 (on request) -

Our operations are ISO 9001 certified.


Mechanical properties

          Yield / Proof Tensile Range
  Special AISI / ASTM BA / CA SR / DR strength (MPa) strength (MPa) (MPa)
TS200 Bake ware and extreme deformations   BA SR