Paint and industrial

Paint and industrial

Filled paint cans

Safety, efficiency and product integrity are vital for industrial products like paints and inks.

Steel is the most reliable packaging material for paints and chemicals due to the specific material characteristics it contains.

It has unique barrier properties, making it impermeable to gas and light. The preservation capabilities of steel guarantee long shelf life. It has the versatility to contain both solvent and water based products. It is robustness enables it to withstand rigorous mixing process, transportation and handling.

Steel cans not only protect the contents from the environment, but also protect the environment from the contents. This is vital for chemical, industrial and paint products.

Through our products and services we help our customers to improve can-making line efficiency, improve their packaging’s performance and sustainability. We help reduce supply chain costs.

Two paint cans
We supply packaging steels for general line
Protact delivers high resistance against water-based, solvent-based and hard-to-hold fillings

Improving Can Performance

Protact® for paint can bodies and components

Increased legislation and industry controls have set a trend for water-based paint products. Water based paint needs an optimum performance coating. Protact polymer-coated steel delivers the highest resistance against a wide range of fillings: water-based, solvent-based and hard-to-hold fillings. Because Protact offers the opportunity to standardise coatings for this diverse range of fillings, it enables can makers and brand owners to rationalise specifications for paint can bodies and can components.

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