Tata Steel Unitol office in Paris
Steel coils at the Unitol Service Centre
Close up view of steel coils
Machinery moving coils at Tata Steel Unitol in Paris
France - Unitol

Unitol processes the following steel products:

Innovative products

  • MagiZinc® Auto - Tata Steel’s MagiZinc is a corrosion-resistant coating that is at least four times more efficient than the coating on standard galvanised products.
  • Ymvit® - Steel for enamelling
  • Ymagine® - This is a high quality steel produced by continuous casting of thin slab. This Tata Steel product is thinner than hot-rolled steel. The Ymagine family includes products ideal for stamping, construction and HLE.
  • Ympress®  - Ympress is Tata Steel’s family of hot-rolled, high-strength steels.  Ympress offers consistent product characteristics and reliable flatness.  It combines high strength with formability and has a high-quality surface. Available in a wide range of tensile strength and dimensions, Ympress is suitable for a wide range of stamping applications.

Classic range

  • Hot-rolled
  • Cold-rolled
  • Metallic coated or Hot dip galvanised steel
  • Electrozinc-plated steel

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Processing capability
France - Unitol
Processing capability


  Slitting Blanking Decoiling
Thickness 0.50 – 4mm 0.50 – 3.0mm 0.50 – 3.0mm
Width From 30mm up to 1800mm Up to 1600mm  From 600mm up to 1600mm
Length - Up to 2300mm (w < 600mm) Up to 6000mm
    Up to 6000mm (w>600mm)  


Ensuring quality for customers

We operate accredited management systems that guarantee our customers the best quality products. Our accreditations include:

  • ISO 9001 – working to this standard ensures ongoing compliance with your specifications and requirements through our commitment to continuous improvement
  • ISO 14001 - This standard recognises our management system geared to limiting the environmental impact of our operations. In line with this standard, we have installed anti-pollution systems and operate waste reduction measures

All certificates are available in the Downloads section.