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Colorsteels service centre pre-finished steel processing

Colorsteels is Tata Steel’s leading UK service centre for pre-finished steel.

This position has been built on our 'yes we can' philosophy and unrivalled product, processing and technical resources. Enabling us to provide pre-finished steel solutions tailored to the precise needs of your business.

With over 40 years’ experience of developing, processing and distributing pre-finished steel to the construction, manufactured goods and domestic appliance sectors we have cemented our position as the UK’s premier pre-finished steel distributor.

We supply the full range of Tata Steel’s Colorcoat® products for the construction industry, Advantica® for the manufactured goods sector and Motiva® for the domestic appliance sector.


Colorcoat coils in the warehouse

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Colorsteels service centre
The leading UK service centre for pre-finished steel

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Service and processing

High quality processing and service
We are committed to service excellence in line with our customer expectations and ensuring close working partnerships - no matter how large, small or specialised your requirements. Our experienced account teams are trained to ensure that we provide you with the best service possible.

You can be confident of excellent service from Colorsteels because:

  • We hold 130 different construction product lines in small quantities reducing the need for you to hold stock.
  • We stock the widest range of Colorcoat® pre-finished steel, including the full colour range of branded products.
  • We offer next day delivery service on our Colorcoat® FastPak standard stock packs and 48 hour delivery on bespoke processed non-standard lengths and an even wider range of colours.
  • We are the only approved source of flat sheets for all Platinum® Plus projects.
  • We are approved to ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015 for quality and environmental management systems, and ISO 18001/2007 for health and safety management systems.

Technical support
As part of Tata Steel we have access to technical experts and research facilities to provide you with support and advice on product application, steel grades, fabrication methods, welding, pre-finished steel performance and help in choosing the right products for the right applications.

Service you can rely on
Our technical knowledge and support ensures the most exacting detailed customer specifications are transferred into achieving the quality expected by our customers.

Quality standards for length, width, squareness, diagonals and shape give assurance for manufacturing processes using automated press lines, panel manufacture, roll forming and CNC equipment.

We achieve high aesthetical standards. Understanding our customers and their requirements is critical in ensuring that visual appearance and flatness criteria are met for even the most demanding construction projects, appliances or fittings in kitchens and bedrooms.

Narrow coil
Flat sheet
and blanks
Laminating coil
and sheet
Max. Coil Weight 15 tonnes 15 tonnes - 6 tonnes
Min. coil length 100 linear Mtrs 100 linear Mtrs - -
Coil Id 508 or 610mm 508 or 610mm - -
Maximum Width 1700mm 1700mm 1700mm 1450mm
Min. Width - 20mm 125mm 600mm
Max. Length - - 6100mm 6100mm
Min. Gauge 0.4mm 0.4mm 0.25mm 0.2mm
Max Gauge 1.6mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 1.6mm
Film Application Yes Yes Yes Yes

EN-Construction-Product-Colorsteels service centre pre-finished steel processing | Colorcoat® stock and FastPak

Colorcoat® stock and FastPak

130 Colorcoat® products available in small quantities on short lead times
Based at Shotton, North Wales, our Colorsteels service centre is uniquely positioned on the same site where we manufacture our Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products. This allows us to offer the widest stock of Colorcoat® products on short lead times, enabling our customers to source a complete Colorcoat® building envelope, including fabrications and small colour quantities.

Our available products include:

The storage, handling, processing and range of Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products have been assessed and found to meet the highest standard of quality and service for supply into the construction market sector.

Market leading guarantees
The market leading Confidex® Guarantee is exclusively available for both Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel. This offers a guarantee of up to 40 years, for the weatherside of standard roof and wall cladding of industrial and commercial buildings upon online registration.

You can register for your Confidex® Guarantee online and will need the supply details and the building project details at the time of registering.

All Platinum® Plus projects are automatically registered through our building system business at the point of supply, this includes the pre-finished steel Confidex® Guarantee registration.

We can also provide a warranty statement for Colorcoat® LG flashings for up to 25 years (subject to registration).

Our Colorcoat® FastPak service provides pre-cut packs of Colorcoat® products with next day delivery. Off-the-shelf pack options of standard gauge 1250mm x 3000mm sheets, makes this the ideal solution when urgently needing a small amount of Colorcoat® pre-finished steel to manufacture flashings, fabrications and gutter systems.

Benefits of Colorcoat® FastPak include:

  • Fast access to a wide range of Colorcoat® products.
  • Choice of more than 50 different product and colour options.
  • Available for immediate dispatch with next day delivery options nationwide.
  • Industry standard size sheets in 0.5t and 1.0t packs.
  • Pre-inspected to meet the most exacting customer standards.
  • Delivered on strong pallets to help safeguard your workforce.
  • Recyclable packaging materials.
  • Up to 25 years guarantee on all Colorcoat® LG flashings (subject to registration).
  • 130 specifications also available in standard and non-standard sizes in less than 48 hour delivery service.

EN-Construction-Product-Colorsteels service centre pre-finished steel processing | Rainwater goods

Rainwater goods

Rainwater management products for building applications
Colorcoat Aquatite® products have been developed specifically for rainwater applications in buildings, offering an unbeatable combination of a strong, formable metal substrate combined with a non-permeable weather resistant membrane factory-bonded to the water-carrying surface. This highly effective construction gives a superior quality finish for maximum drainage efficiency. Plus, it comes with the reassurance of a leading guarantee for 25 years and technical back-up.

Colorcoat Aquatite® is suitable for a wide range of rainwater applications including valley gutters, flashings, roofing and parapet copings.


  • Comprehensive 25 year guarantee.
  • Available in a smooth and slip resistant emboss.
  • Slip resistant emboss passes BS 7976-2 slip test both wet and dry.
  • Robust, highly durable 1.2mm PVC membrane bonded to 1.2mm or 1.5mm steel.
  • Available in 3 different widths.
  • Simple and easy to fabricate. Can be trafficked normally during construction and maintenance.
  • Available on 24 hr lead time in a range of standard sizes suitable for valley gutter applications.
  • PVC membrane can easily be hot air welded or chemically bonded.
  • Compatible with all other PVC membranes; can be joined to any plastisol product.
  • Supplied on a high performance hot dip galvanized substrate to BS EN 10147.
  • Available in both the integral overhang membrane or without for butt strap welding methods.
  • Approved for use with the Platinum® Plus system guarantee.
  • Standard colour: Grey.

EN-Construction-Product-Colorsteels service centre pre-finished steel processing | Colorcoat Aquatite® Guarantee

Colorcoat Aquatite® Guarantee

The Colorcoat Aquatite® 25 year guarantee applies to a specific building. It covers the membrane liner (excluding any joints) and offers suitable restoration in the event of any defects, providing complete peace of mind that your building will remain watertight for its life-span.

Guaranteeing the longevity of Colorcoat Aquatite® products on your building is simple and easy. The building owner will need to apply for the Colorcoat Aquatite® guarantee which can be done in one of two ways: - download and online.

Ways to register for your Colorcoat Aquatite® guarantee


What happens after registration

Following processing, Colorsteels will issue the guarantee to the specific building, complete with registration number.

Note: Colorcoat Aquatite® must be registered within three months of the building installation completion date for the guarantee to be valid.

Reduced risk for the life of the building

The guarantee applies to a specific building and is fully transferrable in the event of sale or transfer of ownership or tenant, providing a direct link back to Tata Steel.

EN-Construction-Product-Colorsteels service centre pre-finished steel processing | Manufactured goods services

Manufactured goods services

Products for manufactured goods and domestic appliances
Our tightly controlled processing services ensure that we meet our customer’s requirements for shape, flatness, dimensional tolerances, aesthetics and packing.

We are a major supplier of pre-finished steel and laminated steel products designed specifically to meet the extremely demanding conditions required for applications including:

  • Domestic appliance manufacturing.
  • Office furniture and storage units.
  • Lighting solutions and lighting management.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Cold store and food safe applications.
  • Clean rooms.
  • Doors and windows.

We offer our processing services for the following product ranges from Tata Steel:

A range of pre-finished steels specifically designed to meet the demands of manufactured goods processing route such as pressing, bending, punching and drawing steel.

Pre-finished steel to meet the needs of market leading producers for the manufacture of hot, cold and wet domestic appliances.

We understand your requirements for quality, service and a supply management process which allows you to minimise waste and efficiently manage the performance of your supply chain. Our technical teams are able to support your business by assessing the specific properties required for your end application, we will then recommend the best product to meet the needs of your business.