06 September 2022

Tata Steel - Introducing Zeremis™ Carbon Lite

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Introducing Zeremis™ Carbon Lite

Addressing the climate crisis is not something that can wait. As countries and industries around the world look for solutions to slow the pace of global warming, manufacturers like us and our customers are – rightly – focusing our energies on reducing carbon emissions.

Zeremis Carbon Lite

While we have many exciting carbon reduction initiatives in the works, we know how important it is to our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their products now. One way to achieve this is by passing on these savings to our customers and their supply chains. 

That’s where Zeremis Carbon Lite comes in. This newly introduced green steel initiative draws upon recent decarbonisation projects across Tata Steel Nederland’s operations, which have been registered at our central ‘carbon bank’.

With Carbon Lite we are able to deploy the credits in our carbon bank to offer a standard 30% CO2 saving across our product range. We then have the ability to further increase this saving up to 100% to suit customers’ needs by applying more credits. 

This can be applied across our range of steel products, meaning that car manufacturers and component producers can now benefit from CO2 savings for our advanced products like MagiZinc and HyperForm, that are all available in a Carbon Lite variant. 

What’s more, the value created with the sales of Carbon Lite will be used to fund our Zeremis journey. These include maximising steel recycling, reducing the emissions generated via logistics to and from our manufacturing facilities and decarbonising our downstream operations.

But this is just the beginning of our Zeremis journey. At Tata Steel’s IJmuiden facility in The Netherlands, where HyperForm and MagiZinc are produced, we aim to be fully carbon neutral by 2045. Projects are already underway to ensure this ambition is realised by utilising direct reduced iron (DRI) production and harnessing green hydrogen power. 

The steel and manufacturing industries must act now to reduce the impact of climate change, and with Zeremis Carbon Lite we can help our customers take those crucial early steps.

Zeremis – short for zero emissions – is our promise to the planet to become carbon neutral by 2045. The Zeremis brand represents the journey Tata Steel Nederland is taking with our customers, together towards a zero-carbon emissions, circular world.

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