MagiZinc coatings
Press Shop Uptime
Reduction in tool pollution and increased process windows improve press shop uptime by up to 30%
Improved Corrosion Protection
Stable magnesium-induced corrosion products ensure double the protection levels found in GI and GA steels.
Available in widths up to 2020mm and in MB and MC surface quality levels for inner parts and outer panels.
Extra wide coils in a manufacturing environment
Typical applications of MagiZinc Auto
MagiZinc Auto is ideal for a range of applications
MagiZinc Auto

Robust forming of complex deep drawn parts through stable friction behaviour. Less tool pollution and improved formability for parts such as B-pillars, wheel arches and tailgates.

Complex deep drawing
Benefit from extra formability
MagiZinc Auto

MagiZinc Auto is ideal for corrosion sensitive parts such as hoods and doors which have traditionally relied on the use of sealants to prolong their life.

Corrosion sensitive parts  
Benefit from prolonged life
Laser or arc-welded parts
MagiZinc Auto

Because it allows a thinner coating, MagiZinc Auto reduces fumes and spatter during laser and arc welding. This helps to improve welding quality and productivity.

Welded parts
Benefit from improved weld quality
Tata Steel operator using an automotive MuScanner
BiW sidepanel